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Oh snap!

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It's back!

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So close!

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Mondays!? I can learn to love again!

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It's back!! I can die now.

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The HD channel has no video only audio :(

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Great job, Drew.

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wow, thought they got rid of this feature.

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Hehehe I got first even though I already had the quest hehehe.

Great to see ILM back! Woohhoo!

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Yes, I've missed you, mondays!

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I knew you'd come back! =D

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SOOOOOO Happy you guys have gone back to this format. 

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That ident was the greatest thing I've ever seen.

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DNF is actually a game, international release was earlier, I can tell you it's not very good, it feels old but not nostalgic old bad old, maybe if it came out in 2002 it would have been decent but nope, it came out 9 years too late.  

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who has two thumbs and loves mondays?

this guy.

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Never have I loved Mondays so hard before.

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I am mad appreciative of a Monday, son.

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Awesome! =D

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I'm loving the new look for I Love Mondays.

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Woot! I Love Mondays is back!

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The clear lack of POWER in this ILM is staggering.

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I absolutely love that portrait of Jeff, every time I see it I can't help but laugh.

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Awesome stuff.

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I love this site and I also love Mondays!

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Best I Love Mondays ever? ... OR IS IT A NOSCON?!

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No Ryan don't watch me sleep, it's not a pretty sight in this weather.

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Child of Eden is out this week? Holy shit.

Also, good to see ILM back

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Either the peyote has kicked in, or it's fuckin monday.
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i came. twice.

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I am startled.

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That intro was incredible.

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The Ryan Stare is so fucking scary.

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I can finally stop hiding under my bed for 24 hours once a week and start having Mondays again. Just in time, I was almost out of vacation days.

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Handled the return of ILM pretty good. And the best intro ever.

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woooo! mondays!

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No one Monday should have all these games.

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Today is a Monday that shall be remembered for all time.

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Suitably insane for ILM.

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I've missed Mondays.

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For some reason the video won't load past the first 20 seconds, argh. 
Watched it, fantastic. Especially love the new intro.

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NO ONE MOND... oh? Fuck :@

(Awesome ILM, BTW. So glad it's back!)

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Excellent, aha. Excellent. Aaa ahaha.