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Nice Really cant wait to see Steel Battalion...

Posted by RubberFactory

I Love Mondays... on a Monday?

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its that time

Posted by ColonelT

I do love Mondays.

Posted by shadowdrone

I Love Mondays....born on a monday!

Posted by Coafi

Fuck, it's Monday already?!

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I DO love mondays

Posted by Tom1243

TNT sounds interesting

Posted by OneManX

DAAAAAAAMMMMNNN Drew, don't hurt em!

Posted by MarkWahlberg

"What's Lego Island?" "WHAT"

Posted by sub_o

Drew became weirder after coming back from North Korea.

Posted by giant_frying_pan

Drew laying down the LAW.

Posted by LifeByDegrees

You don't know what Lego Island is? Where is the wiki page?

Posted by Mathey

Another Breaking Brad Doom II? Woo hoo!

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This Monday has so far not been my favorite Monday. I would go so far as to say that I only like this Monday. And I'm really saying that to be polite and not hurt Monday's feelings.

I remember LEGO Island, Drew! I stand with you!

Brad's Doom returns! Mystery TNT! I may be a bit disappointed with Monday, but the rest of the week is shaping up nicely.

Posted by drag

@sub_o said:

Drew became weirder after coming back from North Korea.

maybe it's not really drew who came back

Posted by Toxin066

Fuck yes, ILM on a Monday. I AM PREPARED FOR THE WEEK.

Posted by mostman

Yeah - the video player is still broken.

Posted by JJOR64

Looking forward to Steel Battalion to see if it's any good.

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Leg batman 2 isn't all open world, theres jsut an open world hub with somes tuff to do, the missions are still like before.

Also reading the help texts that constantly pops up might be an idea as you seem to always complain how the lego games aren't clear in telling you what to do.

Posted by Tesla

Whenever I hear the name Nobunaga, I immediately want to play some Onimusha.

Posted by dr_mantas

@drag said:

@sub_o said:

Drew became weirder after coming back from North Korea.

maybe it's not really drew who came back

Or maybe he's the Manchurian video producer.

Posted by Maystack

Lego Island for next Random PC Game!

Posted by HiCZoK

I still feel like they never gathered strenghts after moving office...

Posted by GeneralDAS

I remember Lego Island very fondly. It was actually kind of amazing what it could do. It ran like crap on my computer at the time though.

Posted by Maystack

Lego Island, Pokemon Conquest AND a TNT mystery? Best ILM ever!

Posted by Rapid

I love Mondays on a Monday? O.o?

Posted by TheDrewggernaut

So excited to end my week with some Breaking Brad: DOOM II

Posted by feargalr

They should just get rid of I love mondays and have a constant live stream from the cbsi office, I'd watch that.

Posted by Leadcat

@Maystack said:

Lego Island for next Random PC Game!

That could be the greatest thing ever, or it could end up being really sad when we see how Lego Island actually is rather than through nostalgia goggles.

Either way I can't believe they haven't heard of Lego Island!

Posted by BigChickenDinner

That Risen 2 QL ever gonna happen?


Posted by Castiel

Do NOT fuck with Drew!

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Giant Bomb.It's begrudgingly a website about video games!

Posted by Draxyle

Calls to be made for TNT? Guest stars? Color me excited.

And you can't go wrong with more Doom II.

Posted by RAGEosaurus

Are we EVER going to get a QL of the other Sega Vintage Collection!? You mentioned it before E3 but it never happened.

Posted by Master_Funk

Everyone's reaction to Steel battalion in the video tells me that its probably terrible.

Posted by AngelN7

What the hell is Lego Island?... and why would Patrick say a Pokemon X Dinasty Warriors game would be cool if it's on his list of games he wouldn't want to play , that doesn't make sense.

Posted by JackSukeru

Tomba is also coming to PSN this week, a Quicklook Throwback of that would be cool.

Not that QL:TB's ever happen, but it would be cool.

Posted by chikin_n_rofls

Big ups to Drew for that LEGO Island reference. I remember that game being rad.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

I wonder what game Jeff was talking about for TNT.

@Castiel said:

Do NOT fuck with Drew!

NEVER fuck with Drew!

Posted by Aaron_G

Yay for Mondays!

Posted by Cincaid

I read it as "wanking tanks".

I am now disappointed. :(

Posted by NoobSauceG7

I love Mondays happening on a Monday!!! Also I am glad that I am not the only one who remembers Lego Island haha!

Posted by Crunchman

Fucking Lego Island! And you guys run a video game website...

Posted by AbeBroHamLincon

Half life 3 for TNT for sure.

Posted by sub_o

Ah, I finally get, most probably Drew was referring to the fact there's already speech in Lego Island game.