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Dueling Mondays!

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and so the dueling videos begin!

Posted by ionkinetic

Dueling Mondays!

Not the first time this has happend

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Dueling I Love Mondays!

Or is it Dual Mondays?!

Posted by rasko_the_brave

Can't stop Drew.

Posted by RecSpec


Posted by kylenalepa

@ionkinetic: True, but it's always a fun surprise. :D

Posted by MeatSim

I Love Mondays west coast vs. I Love Mondays midwest.

Posted by XTraFries


Posted by MindGrinder


Posted by Flacracker


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Patrick is staring into my soul. I feel funny.

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@meatsim said:

I Love Mondays west coast vs. I Love Mondays midwest.

Now we just need to get @alex in on the fun for some East Coast perspective...

Posted by crimsonlordofwar

"Yo dawg I heard you like, 'I love Monday's'!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous


Posted by overlordkai

where is daily dota

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The real I Love Mondays!

Posted by Fungiefips

I think this week needs some impromptu livestreams. Chaos always serves Giantbomb well.

Posted by Bombzinski

Awww! I'm not Patrick's fan, but this is heartbreaking!

Posted by Perkunas
Posted by thornbush

More I Love Mondays!!

Posted by hanner74

not just one ILM, but two!?

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Love the idea of Drew and Rorie being on the bombcast!

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Make a 2 man podcast but just get Rorie and Drew on it.

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Drew can not be stopped!

Posted by Phished0ne

This week's giant bombcast should be: Jeff, Brad, Rorie, Drew DONE.

Posted by razgriz417

Bring Drew along too for the Bombcast!

Posted by ThePickle


Posted by Evercaptor

Possibility of no podcast? What will I spend all Wednesday listening to then?

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Matt Rorie and Drew on the podcast now!

I also want you to commit to that Project X Zone Quick Look. Interested to see what you think of it.

Posted by Bartz

I'll never stop striking!

Posted by andmm

Drew on the podcast!!! Cmon

Posted by Ramone

My bet is a Drew and Giancarlo bombcast.

Posted by Strife777

Yes! Have Rorie and Drew on the podcast! Do it for the children.

Posted by pdgbanana
Posted by FlyBikes06

get the gamecop giancarlo on the podcast also spartacus legends is terrible game.

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My god.... Jeff and Brad all week, This is gonna be chaos.

Edit: Fuuuck, forgot about 4th of July... damn you american holidays !

Posted by Aether

Ever since like a week before E3 the audio on all the videos has seemed way low to the point of having to max out my volume to hear them properly. I wonder what they are doing different. This is the only site to seem to have gone down. The bombcast has been fine as well so idk what is up.

Posted by mrcraggle

Week long Game & Wario art with Jeff, Brad and Rorie.

Posted by Zor

It would be kind of awesome if we get a video of patrick, watching bard, watching patrick, etc...

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and so the dueling videos begin!

begin! continues

Posted by SuperSolidSnake2019

Maybe they should do an extended quick look on Game & Wario for Wii U. The drawings part almost makes me want to buy it. Almost.

Or they could break out an old N64 for some split-screen multiplayer.

Posted by Bollard

Put Rorie and Drew on the podcast!

Posted by Ted_Mosby

The last time Drew was on the podcast they spent like an hour talking about Russian radio signals.

So, more of that please

Posted by Lokno

Drew should totally get on the podcast.


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I like Giancarlo's shirt.

And no one can stop Drew! He's like Mr. Domino.

Posted by Trilogy

You mother fuckers better not miss a podcast. Ryan will kill you.

Posted by Solidsnak

Yo, get Drew on that podcast!

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Cool, now where's Vinny's?

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