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I do love Mondays.

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Weee Mondays

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yaay monday

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Weird. Never heard of Jefferson Starship but randomly last year saw them at Dragon Con haha

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Mondays are the new black. I cant believe that FF rhythm game is coming it in America....then again....nope still cant believe it.

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I win the gold medal of Mondays! Every Monday!

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Who loves mondays? I DO I DO I DOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Spelunky, the new Lantern Run? Hopefully?

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We built this Monday on lack of games

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No more vodka has been drunk...

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Olympics is good I played it

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People living outside of the USA? What's up with that?

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Hoodwinked quick look please?

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I'm anxious to see The Secret World.

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Jeff is, "gonna fuck with" the secret world.

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Endless Space is out this week? It's been in beta for like less than a month, the hell? That game is awesome, I've been playing it for 2 months now.

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PSO2 for TNT!

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One nice thing about The Secret World is that it's not motherfucking medieval fantasy..
Another nice thing is that it doesn't do cute and cuddly but in a good way, it's got a Lovecraft kinda thing going for it..
..but it wasn't enough to get me in on it and it does use a bunch of zombies and in the end it is another MMO trying new things :(

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Came for the weekly preview, stayed for Drew's Jefferson Airplane pun. Totally worth it.

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Brads rocking the B&W P3's, i've got pair of those.

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Did I see a Jurassic Park Gameboy game on 's desk?

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Going to sleep. Wake me up when it's next week.

I'm no longer sure how I feel about Mondays.

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Dead week = Threads about GB going down the drain because of no content.

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I'm actually looking forward to Secret World. I had good fun with the beta (expect for some minor miscalculations from the developers, perhaps).

In the RTS/Moba -> Racing -> Random -> Fighting -> Shooter cycle of TNT's... I think it's time for some more fightning. I know they're not fixed to that kind of schedule. I just want to see a fighting game TNT. That's all I'm saying.

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If you want to hear good things about the secret world go talk to Kevin Van Ord across the way. He has some positive thoughts on it, some negative ones as well mind you but it seems like he's enjoying it.

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You could always take a look at Kerbal Space Program if you need to fill a slot. It's still in beta, but I imagine launching ill-fated space rockets would be entertaining for half an hour or so.

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The Airplane were millions better than the starship incarnations

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Spelunky TNT!

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They could do the Ys re-releases on Steam if they're short on games.

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'Yes please' to PSO2 TnT

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Didn't they used to take the 5th off as well? CBS are slave drivers. Can't see them getting much done on Thursday.

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PSO2 TNT, got to feed that MAG.

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This is completely random and kind of off-topic, but I love how every one of these in-office camera videos always ends with the camera being pointed at the ceiling

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Dead week? So you're telling me Dave will have plenty of time to prep for DF: part 2 this Friday then.


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I want another Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit TNT. The last one was so much damn fun to watch.

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What's wrong Jeff? When the truth is found to be lies, and all the joy within you dies, don't you want somebody to love?

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Can't wait to see The Secret World. It looks promising for sure.

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Will there be a Pokemon Conquest Quick Look?

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Destroy interpersonal relationships? I bet Brad is good at that.

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I feel like pleasing you 
more than before 

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I will be near a computer! it's not that lame though, as I live in the Bahamas. :)

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Should do a retrospective quick look OR Load Our Last save

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@Bassman2112 said:

This is completely random and kind of off-topic, but I love how every one of these in-office camera videos always ends with the camera being pointed at the ceiling

That is the secret art of shaky-cam film-making. I used to do that, too when I ran around with my cam :)

Also: on a scale from YES! to "GET OUTTA HERE!", how big are the chances of that once hinted at Magicka TNT ever happening? :)

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Endless Space is fucking awesome!