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Poor Brad

EDIT: Play Sins of a Solar Empire!

Posted by Redbullet685

I Love Mondays!

Posted by MooseyMcMan


And the rest of the week!

Posted by csl316

So much drama!!

Posted by Y2Ken

Mondays are just fine by me.

Posted by Akyho

Awfuly dark. Summer is dieing!!!!

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The will-they-won't-they tension of the Pokemon Conquest story arc is really starting to get good. I hope the writers don't pussy out and leave it on a cliffhanger.

Posted by Cheesebob

Now is the time for Neverdead!

Posted by Sarumarine

I'm hoping that thing with Matt Rorie happens.

Posted by leejunfan83

Lol at Sara

Posted by deskp

Never dead still not ahving been quick look'd is really odd, its the perfect quick look game, esepcialy seeing as its a new unusual concept and aparently a bad game.

only reason for holding off would be an endurance run.. but i dont think this game is long enough for that... atleast not compared to previous ER games.

Whats up giant bomb

Posted by Lazyaza

MotorStorm Pacific Rift servers are getting shut down on October 1st, they should play it for TNT during this release lull.

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Wow, Brad's Steam loads and moves so fast.

Posted by ESREVER

Malicious is such an awesome, enjoyable game, albeit a bit short. I hope the GB crew digs it as much as I did, and will again once it releases here.

Posted by theimmortalbum

Rebellion seriously isn't complicated! I can get you into the game if you want. Someone who knows what's up will go a long, long way into getting that game going.

Posted by Joker369

4 player Magicka co op TNT

Posted by Chumm

Oddly enough, Sins of a Solar Empire and Political Machine 2012 are made by the same people.

Posted by Xealot42

If you click on your username in the upper right corner of the Steam client it will show a list of your purchases.

Also, Sins is awesome. You should play more of it Brad!

Posted by GalacticPunt

For this community's EXTENSIVE Space Pirates and Zombies needs, Giant Bomb must hire Matt Rorie full-time!

Posted by BonOrbitz

Definitely looking forward to the SPAZ Quick Look. That game has been sitting in my Steam library ever since Jeff mentioned that it was good on the Bombcast months ago.

Posted by Draxyle

I wish they could try a DayZ TNT, but I can only see that being completely disastrous. Live footage of that game will never work.

Posted by Bigbombomb

These suspenseful Mondays have taken its toll on me.

Posted by kortex

feeling stupid for asking but what page are they using to look up releases?

Posted by damswedon

@kortex: It is the New Games part of the bar at the top.

Posted by kortex

@damswedon: as I said: feeling REALY stupid. thanks

Posted by Noli

Neverdead Endurance Run Episode 1 next week xD

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@Brad: You can check out your purchase history on Steam by logging into the store or client and clicking "_____'s account" in the top right (on the site you need to click Account Details in the dropdown). The listing should be in reverse chronological order and if you want to see dates you can check out "Store Transactions" and "Game Transactions."

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Fuck you guys Pokemon Conquest is pretty damn awesome! And no Kingdom Hearts? What the hell?!

Posted by alibson

Commodore 64 TNT


Posted by SerHulse

Oh sweet! can't wait to see all the hot new games coming out this week!






Guess Foosball 2012 looks pretty cool...

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Posted by Dracomaster01

Pokemon Conquest is a pretty good game you guys.

Posted by RetroVirus

I hear Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is in need of quick looking! It's really good!

Posted by Slow_pC

@Draxyle: They did do a live show of it already....

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Uhhh, the prospect of some 'Sins' coverage by GB sounds very good. Back when the initial release hit I was all over that game. During the Steam summer sale I was torn between just going with Rebellion but ended up only upgrading to the affordable 'Trinity' expansion(s) to get a peek at the expanded 4X features of this crazy little game. I still think it is an absolute landmark release that really shook up the RTS/ strategy world to the people who give a shit.

Either way, I hope this happens in order to get a feel for what you guys make of this game. Sometimes it's very hard to gauge what people that aren't down the rabbit hole quite as deep think about some of the more complex strategy titles out there.

Posted by Phatmac

No games man! No games! Burn this site down!!

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I vote and Quick Look Kerbal Space Program. A new version just came out I think last week.

Posted by Tesla

Matt Rorie GB employment confirmed!

Posted by Nadafinga

@SerHulse said:

Oh sweet! can't wait to see all the hot new games coming out this week!






Guess Foosball 2012 looks pretty cool...

Heh, I made the page for that mostly out of a lark, but man, its sitting right there staring them in the face and they say nothing about it. C'mon guys, take a look at it, at least for a laugh. What else you got going?

Posted by Asmo917

@csl316: And now I have Gin and Juice playing in my head. Thanks a lot.

No, honestly, thanks, this day has sucked and I kinda needed that!

Posted by cmblasko

Oh man, I am steeling myself for the drought of content this week. I hope that they Quick Look Pokemon Conquest, that game seems legitimately interesting.

Posted by Mezmero

You know this would be a perfect week to bring back tang. I could sure go for a tall refreshing glass of tang right about now. Tang anyone? Itchy tangy...

Posted by MatthewTheBeast

How about some Mount&Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars up in this?... Yeah, whatever.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Don't be too intimidated by Sins, It's pretty simple all told.

Nice to see S.P.A.Z. may get a QL finally, better late than never I guess?

Posted by metalliccookies

Can we get a quick look of Pokemon Conquest? Please?

Posted by Protome

Hope they do a Malicious QL. Utterly fantastic little game.

It's like a mix of Shadow of The Colossus and Dynasty Warriors with a beautiful cel-shaded art style.

Posted by CaLe

Pokemon is a kids game. Hopefully some adult games get covered.

Posted by Landon

Nows the time Giant Bomb, do some more Quick Look Throwbacks.

Posted by MeatSim

This was more intense then Breaking Bad.

Posted by MoonwalkSA

@Slay3r1583 said:

I vote and Quick Look Kerbal Space Program. A new version just came out I think last week.

Yeah, it'd really be perfect as a Flight Club QL or just a Flight Club premium feature.

Either way I really want to see the guys try that game.