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hey there
Now I love Mondays even more.

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 Aha!  An awesome GB video perchance?

Posted by Elbon

feck you were quick Wulfbane

Posted by SurferZ

Can't watch this at work.  What's up for TNT?
Posted by Darkstar614

Haha Quake 1. That's gonna be awesome.

Posted by NikoAlexander57

Monday is here!

Posted by nVision

This game is rated M for Monday.

                                                            Game experience may change online.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Just saw the Brad promo for the Live Live Show, genius.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Is it my warped mind? or is Jeff going for an Adolf Hitler look in the video?

Posted by ESWAT

Quake? Hot damn, hope we get some Team Fortress going on!

Posted by cap123

Quake 1? I'm so in.

Posted by RampageAssassin

Wait on did Jeff just say this weeks TNT will be Quake ...... NUTS !!

Posted by Jeknod
@SurferZ: Quake 1. The original. I'm not joking.
Posted by Vager

My triple M??

Posted by Swoxx

Sweet. I love lazy mondays

Posted by Hockeymask27

Damn my heart skipped a beat. NHL.................................2k11 damn it!

whatever HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Theresonlyone
@TrueEnglishGent: That or he's gone hipster
Posted by DonChipotle

Quake? Holy shit that is awesome.

Posted by Irvandus

Quake= best idea for a TNT

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Can't spell Mondays wiithout Mon!

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Using pic of "M" from the unofficial bond movie never say never again and asking us to show you the other M.... genious!

Posted by Yummylee

lol Brad looks so queer ;P

Posted by SileoNex

Yay, a TNT I can play in.

Posted by SomeGuy890

Quake 1!?!? 
Posted by TekZero

Last Starfighter for the MF'in win. 

Posted by Gabriel

Jeff looks like he has a new outlook on life, mustache included.

Posted by Video_Game_King

You know, next week's my birthday, so that's a doubly good reason to love Mondays.

Posted by Cheetoman

Is that music from Gamespot? If it is thats awesome.

Posted by Berezov

If I showed you my other M I'd probably get arrested.

Posted by trophyhunter

So jeff has to go play halo reach for two days in a hotel room?

Posted by dragonzord

Sci-Fi game? Vanquish, maybe?

Posted by Kornkaos

mann do I love mondays O_O

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The Last Starfighter is one og my favorite Movies. I mean come on, Aliens using a video arcade to find and train starfighter pilots all over the galaxy for them ti help defend against an evil space empire? There should be a remake of that movie with an console game instead of an arcade one. And what? Quake at TNT? I'll be busting out my original Quake and crossing my fingers that the connection across the pond won't be so bad pingwise.
Posted by CletusTheFoetus
@TrueEnglishGent said:
" Is it my warped mind? or is Jeff going for an Adolf Hitler look in the video? "
I thought of Andrew Ryan. We'll see on The Live, Live....Big....yeah that live show. $5 says Jeff is rocking a tan brown suit and a golf club mic. 
Posted by ChrisTaran

Quake 1 is still the best FPS ever made.  Literally.  No sarcasm here folks.
Can't wait to play!

Posted by Prolix

Duex Ex? 

Posted by Zimbo

My ever increasing love for Mondays continues. 

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

Hi, Giantbomb. 
How are you today? 
That's nice.

Posted by Zereta

So Adolf Jeff Hitler is going off to play Halo: Reach for review? 
For the Nazis Jeff... a 5.

Posted by crusader8463
@TrueEnglishGent said:
" Is it my warped mind? or is Jeff going for an Adolf Hitler look in the video? "
It tested well with the cat audience. 

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Monday means vacation!

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NHL 2K11?? and on the Wii?? Really? I just hope they're doing this for some awesome gif creations. lol
Hopefully you'll QL NHL 11 at some point in the very near future.

Posted by Baggykins

was Jeff dressed like the broken avatar intentional? ANSWERS!

Posted by SilverPR

O man! The question of the week is gonna have so much rejected submissions in the "too hot or ugly for the internet to see" section