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Posted by Jeff

Someday I'll stop behaving so dismissively about Guild Wars 2, but people just get SO riled up that it's... a constant temptation. Consider this your pre-emptive "dude, calm down" post, I guess?

Posted by TheHakku

And to just think... I would've finally completed a quest set if it weren't for Jeff. ;)

Posted by andrewtr

I'm ambivalent about Mondays!

Posted by ragbag

dude, calm down!


Hi Jeff

Edit: you also took first :(

go play GW2

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Posted by dream431ca

@Jeff: You tell em Jeff!

Posted by isomeri

I'm sure as hell not buying a Wii U.

Posted by jackelbeaver

Brad should get a WiiU so he can review the WiiU version of ME3, which contains the extended cut dlc and a save file generator for ME1 and ME2 events (Similar to ME2 Genesis DLC)

Posted by Warihay

I love how Brads reaction is pretty much the same at the start of all of these videos.

Posted by HansGr00ber

Why's Brad's damn phone always flashing?

Posted by Hockeymask27

I miss the intro.

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Someone record Brad ...... buying a WiiU !!!

Edit: Any chance of a QL of Tokyo Jungle ?

Posted by Zabant

Maybe brad should buy a wiiU because its his job to review and stay in the know about video games? Just a thought

Posted by DoctorLazy

Don't do it Brad!

Posted by JohnFordColey

If Project P-100 is a launch game for Wii U, I'd feel much easier about making that purchase.

Also, GW2 equals Neo-Nazi rallying point? My word!

Posted by Napalm

Sara Lima is so fineee.

Posted by mrfluke

@Jeff: hey jeff, STUFF IT !

Posted by Baconbot

Oh Drew...

Posted by LumpOfCole

Quick Look: Guild Wars (the first one) for the best possible 'dude, calm down' troll.

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Posted by Draxyle

Quite a racy ILM this week! Drew's disapproving expression at the end was the perfect capstone.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

i need someone skilled with gif making skills to create a ryan davis gif at 1:16 in this video

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Posted by biggiedubs

I'm actually Pro-Kessler. Never met the dude, but he seems pretty funny.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

I like how Drew stands in the back not saying a word the whole time

Posted by joetom

I'm hoping one of them actually ends up liking Guild Wars 2. I've always hated MMOs, but I love this one, so I disagree with the assessment that it's "more of the same."

But whatever, opinions are opinions.

Posted by Darkstar_KoP

@Jeff: Dark Souls PC. I need to know how bad/good it is :(

Posted by Hizang

I like how Drew stands in the back not saying a word the whole time

Posted by Daneian

I like how you can see Sara quickly looking away when Jeff turns to Brad like she didn't want to be seen staring over at the guys.

Posted by Pop

Dark Souls PC quick look DO IT!

Posted by ComradeKhan
@Jeff: Hey Jeff... STUFF IT!
Posted by rmanthorp

Are you Jewish?

Posted by SasquatchRuby

QL Advetures of Shuggy - that games ace

Posted by Talis12

i love how Drew keeps it old skool with pen and paper every week

Posted by Caliginous

@Daneian: As much as I would love to see them do a Dark Souls PC quick look. The new content if you do a crazy rush takes about 4 hours to reach. If you're a normal player closer to 10 or so. I don't think too many reviewers are that into replaying 10 hours of content for a look at DLC that will be released in a few months.

Posted by Oginam

@Darkstar_KoP said:

@Jeff: Dark Souls PC. I need to know how bad/good it is :(

From everything I've been reading over at the Steam forums, its ok (as long as you aren't hell bent on using keyboard and mouse). Some minor frame rate issues and other stuff that is probably dependent on your system, too.

New content seems cool also (should hit up youtube for some of that).

Only Vinny (maybe Patrick?) could do a fair Quick Look since Jeff's stance on those games is very negative. So I wouldn't expect him to want to play a PC port of a game he didn't like.

Posted by Wandrecanada

Mildly disapproving Drew should be an internet meme.

Posted by Phatmac

Wii U looks like it could be alright..? Rayman: Legends could be great, right guys?

I'm also surprised at the hate for Guild Wars 2 by Jeff. It seems unwarranted so far.


Posted by OneManX

GW2 Jimmes have been rustled.

Posted by Humanity

Do they actually not give a single shit about Guild Wars 2 or was it just a joke? I can't even tell anymore..

Posted by Caliginous

I'd say the only thing making me think about a Wii U is Rayman Legends. When they first announced it, they said multi-platform. I assume Nintendo's check got lost in the mail between the announcement and E3.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Are you going to italicize the word "real" up there, or is it some weird formatting glitch that refuses to fix itself?

Posted by MHumphreys89

Brad's a cheapskate.

Posted by I_Stay_Puft

So a Last Story quick look will be out when the Wii U comes out. Gotcha.

Posted by radioactivez0r

I can't tell if Drew actually wrote anything down or not.

Posted by Joey2683

How about Way Of The Samurai 4 QL? I know there are at least nine people who want to see it too.

Posted by Bollard

@Humanity said:

Do they actually not give a single shit about Guild Wars 2 or was it just a joke? I can't even tell anymore..

They genuinely don't give a single shit.

Ignore everything they say about GW2, it's either wrong or jaded.

Posted by BlackLagoon

Love to see a Quick Look of Ratchet & Clank HD collection.

Posted by zellar

Who is the girl that sits behind Brad....she is wicked CUTE!!