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What a surprise.

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Brad doing a quick look of Blue Steel this week.

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Mondays taste like roasted cinnamon cake.

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oh bradley shoecrafter, how we love you so

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I'm kind of nonchalant about Mondays, but I guess I'll watch this anyway.

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I love Mondays brought to you by CBS brand coffee

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Someone needs to make a gif of Brad looking at the camera like the one of him nodding from last week.

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WILL "BRAD SHOEMAKER" be joining us On The Podcast TOmmorow

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Jeff approves off time for the Bomb Crew? :O

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Brad needs a plasma. Every gamer should buy a plasma (unless you want to wait and get an OLED).

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What I'm curious about... is.. nah nevermind, they probably won't get Will and Norm =(

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no iphone for me

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I love mundanes.

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First one to photoshop Jeff into a mankini gets 300 Internet Points.

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Jeff: "Be there!"

Sara: "I'm already there, Jeff... Thank you."

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I watch mondays for the stories :P

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I love Brad-days!

On a related note; plasma's are damn good if you get the right one

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lol "BE THERE!" "I'm already there, Jeff. Thank you."

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@_Frobos said:

Brad needs a plasma. Every gamer should buy a plasma (unless you want to wait and get an OLED).

So you approve? I've never dabbled with plasma before. The response times are really low compared to LCD, yeah? Any drawbacks I should worry about? Sounds like image retention and glare aren't as big an issue as they used to be.

The Panasonic I'm looking at (TC-P55ST50) is only a 60Hz panel so I'm a little bummed I'll still have to deal with 3:2 pulldown while watching Blu-rays, but the image quality benefits seem to outweigh the drawbacks and it sounds like the current crop of LED-based panels all have uniformity problems to varying degrees, which I'm totally not down with.

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Brad "5 Stars" Shoemaker

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Ryan is no longer the face of I Love Mondays. Brad has overtaken him!

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@xMEGADETHxSLY: Doesn't sound like it as he said the event was on Tuesday.
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It's my understanding that plasma is better for games, since LCD TVs are rather "brutal" when showing off pixels 1:1, which means that the bigger TV you have, the uglier your game will look since consoles only run at limited resolutions.

With plasma there is something about how ions bounce off stuff or SOMETHING that makes it looks better, without looking smudged.

I did a bit of research when I was looking for a new TV as well and this video convinced me to get plasma

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@Brad: I've been looking at that same model Samsung Plasma tv as well as a Sony LCD (KDL55EX640), but can't decide. I like how good a plasma looks, but the glossy screen and the glare that you get on it is pretty bad. Really wish you could walk into a Best Buy with a PS3 to hook up and test out both.

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What type of phone does Brad have now?

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Bradley, if we don't see some Heart of the Swarm Beta soon I will be most disappointed. Please make it happen once the Live Show's out of the way.

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I'm ready for the most biggest live show on the internet.

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Brad, wait until the Assassin's Creed III Liberation Vita bundle comes out, then you can have a white Vita with a free game and memory card.

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mmmmmm delicuous CBS brand Cofeee

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Brad is now the ultimate renegade.

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@Jeff You guys gonna do something with NBA Baller Beats this week?

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been a while since I've gotten a chance to listen to the bombcasts, does the big live live show have a date yet?

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@Springfart: This Friday.

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A new segment for the site: "Hey Brad, whatcha eating?"

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I'd love to grab Vinny for half an hour.

45 minutes tops.

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I would like to grab Vinny for half an hour.

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@alPAC: Seems like you can use that phone as a light beacon if you ever get lost in the woods.

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Make sure you talk to Will and Norm, I hear they know a thing or two about these things!

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Fuck you Bradley, I'm buying a Windows Phone next month BECAUSE FUCK IT, MAN!

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Quick Look (Live) on Friday for FTL?

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Wait, WiiU news this week? What are they announcing?

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Glad to finally see some Comic Vine harassing in these videos.

Edit: I hope we get to hear from "Brad Shoemaker" on the podcast tomorrow.

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@wumbo3000 said:

Wait, WiiU news this week? What are they announcing?

Final launch deets.

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Great back of the box quote there for Bungie.

Halo 4: Shoot Some Stuff

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