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@pyromagnestir said:

I miss the song. Especially this version:

Why is this the first time I've ever seen this?

Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, turkeys outside so it must be Monday...

Posted by Benny

Just watch Brad's face, his reactions and what he does with those lights in the first 10 seconds of this video, thought it was a pretty funny moment.

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Still pulling for a Battle Tetris TNT. One that has more than 2 and a half people playing. I can't wait for this DOA 5 quick look I'm hearing so much about. If it's crazy enough I might just buy that game. Also whatever happened to the NatGeo Kinect game you guys talked about last week?

Posted by MeatSim

Oh snap! I need to go download that XCOM demo.

Posted by LikeaMetaphor

Did Patrick make a gay bear joke, saying "Welcome to San Francisco?" 'Cus there's the California bear flag, so I'm not sure to which bear he is referring in this case.

Posted by WelshCleats

Haha, best ending to an ILM in a long time.

Posted by morecoffeenow

No one could've guessed a Pokemon game would finally Break Brad

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@Daneian said:

I continue to be amused to see how Sara flips out once she realizes the camera is on

I really think Jeff films these spontaneously/without telling anyone on purpose, partly for that.

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@pyromagnestir: ya i miss it a lot too....

Posted by tristenkw5

I always feel like Sara is annoyed by these judging from her expressions in the background.

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RIP Cloud


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have they decided who is going to review Resident Evil 6 ?

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Brad is broken.

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No DoA 5 TNT. I should have seen that coming.

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That appears to be a Gore/Lieberman sticker on Jeff's desk.

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Damm no Doa5 TNT?

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I love you Mondays

EDIT: What a great ending, fantastic

Posted by MjHealy

SimGolf? It's the Ryder Cup this weekend so unintentional great timing, I guess!

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@Doomed: Black/White 2
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Why not make Orcs must Die 2 or Sherlock Holmes quick loock Rayan?

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@tristenkw5 said:

I always feel like Sara is annoyed by these judging from her expressions in the background.

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....if they aren't going to play the Pokémon game....can i have it?


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More double-Brad Doom II would be the best.

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@OllyOxenFree: That's why comic vine should come with their own "SUPRISE YOUR ON INTERNET CAMERA" show to counter act "I Love Mondays." If you say the Comic Vine news is their camera show I've only seen Vinny working in the background, heard Ryan and Jeff chatting in the background and the cleaning lady across the street in the windows when they record that. Just once I'd like to see somebody secretly record somebody eating a giant burrito and not know what to do.

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Best ending.

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@WelshCleats said:

Haha, best ending to an ILM in a long time.

Agree totally.

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bahahaha the ending 

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Monday Funday!

Posted by Generiko

Fire Pro Wrestling TNT

Posted by mudkip9000

nothin wrong with desk police lights

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"Is it fun to watch four guys click on monsters and equip loot?" Can't wait for the GOTY discussions.

Posted by JackW

How do I get a job like yours???

Posted by Fudge91

I've got a good suggestion for a quick look:

Garshasp: Temple of the Dragon !!!

Posted by jagenheim

Know what is great? Mondays! And Sim Golf. Always Sim Golf.

Posted by porjos

Who's the guy sitting behind Sara?

Posted by AmericanNinja

Why is Brad playing with that outdated handheld system?

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Ryan, you ARE a bear.

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lol so much excitement in this one :]

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@OllyOxenFree said:

@tristenkw5 said:

I always feel like Sara is annoyed by these judging from her expressions in the background.



Posted by Mathey

Brad has shot clouds from both sides now.

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@porjos: Tony "G-Man" Guerrero of Comic Vine.

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oh my god i just shot a cloud.

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I just wanna thank Brad for thinking about the VIEWERS PLEASURE when it comes to TNT. Trine 2 DLC would be much more enjoyable to watch then... clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick

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I would love if Brad got obsessed with that Pokemon game to the point of him just getting up inexplicably, DS in front of face to walk towards Pokemon. They'd be like "Where's Brad going? Oh yeah, Pokemon."

Also, yeah Sara never looks psyched on those videos, understandably so because shenanigans are being had in a workplace. But still, its not like these videos are everyday or an hour long. I mean, shenanigans may be taking place outside of what we see, but I can't imagine its any more than what was happening at the old location. Shenanigans come with the territory. But hey, we may all be reading into and assuming based on absolutely nothing, as the internets are wont to do.

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Shit, Pokemon White 2 comes out soon. Last hurrah for my DS Lite.

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Sara actually commented on her supposed annoyance. She isn't, she's just sort of looks that way. Don't worry, she and Tony aren't bothered.

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You should watch this with the captions on.

Posted by moaiou

I want a video of Brad wandering the streets of SF looking for Pokemon.