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I do love a good Monday.

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All hail king drew!

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I hate mondays!

I want Drew and Alexis Thumbstrong tested for performance enhancing drugs also....

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Happened upon the livestream when I went into work on Sunday -- killed my productivity. Thanks.

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Drew's powercells still recharging.

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livestream was pretty cool, watched way more of it than I thought I would.

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Loved the livestream, GB playing my favorite franchise, what could be better.

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Drew = Master Chief

Alexis = Arbiter

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After this weekend, I can safely say that these two are Men.

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Knapsack filled with SKYLANDERS n ssssshit...rad

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Can't wait to see Jeff's addiction to Skylanders return.

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Let that beard grow Brad!

EDIT: Also, you should make Alex play old games on video. We need video content from Alex!



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Monday's just aren't the same without Drobot.

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Is Brad growing a sick beard?

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Turkey's outside so it must be Monday....oh how I miss those turkeys...

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Brad Beard

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No Jeff this week? Welp, no need to check the site till next week.

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wow, they were down to business this week

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Another great week at Giant Bomb! They didn't mention Virtue's Last Reward, though. Really hoping they do something with that.

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Jeff Gerstmann , I'll send my Dave Lang signed Drobot same day for you just to make it happen now!

and Ryan Davis .... Buy 2 Get 1 Free at Best Buy ... Grab something else while you are there!

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Loved the Halo stream! Great job and good luck on the archiving.

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I love GB's commitment to playing hilariously bad games.

And I'm glad the 24h stream will be archived (hopefully), missed the entire last stretch of it.

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@xMEGADETHxSLY: you accidently a R

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What's that awesome Walking Dead painting in the background?

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@pekarn: Damn it, I want that NOW!!!!

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please do virtue's last reward D:

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this, we pretty much found out that drew is master chief, or to the very least he's a spartan

Also jeff commanding all the staffs attention this week and fucking getting down to business. awesome, fearless leadering it up.

if hes out this week, totally gonna bet its a review event for halo or need for speed.

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Oh shit the Halo crew lives.

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"While you're doing 3DS stuff" you really ought to take a look at Virtue's Last Reward, that game deserves some coverage, and gets you something for a game that's also coming out on the Vita. And no mention of Killzone HD?

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Knowing the purpose of the conspiracy doesn't actually lessen the fact that it is a conspiracy, right?

Sounds like a great week.

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Drew's knowing smile is by far the best part of this ILM.

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Greatest. Beard. Ever.

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Harvey's new eyes is no game for children. There is some dark shit going on in this game.

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Hell yes new Flight Club!

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Also, is that a portrait of Clem and Lee from The Walking Dead behind Scoops?

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@The_Reflection said:

No Jeff this week? Welp, no need to check the site till next week.

+1, unless it has Vinny

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Brad wears a beard very well. When I tried to grow a beard I just ended up looking like a hobo.

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Skylanders Giants are pretty expensive here in the UK. The base game is £60 for the 360 and PS3 versions but then the toys by themselves seem way pricier. The giant toys are £15 and the standard are £8.

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Not sure why, but I am strangely excited to hear Jeff talk up some more Skylanders.

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Natural Selection 2!!

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Is Jeff out for the Blops 2 review event - seem to happen every year about this time?

'cause I would just blow that shit off if I were him. Not worth losing a staffer for a whole week to get a day 1 COD review any more.

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You assholes better not have a Skylanders quick look without Drobot! At best with out Drobot it would be a Perfunctory Glance or something.

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