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Thanks for the Monday, Drew. And thank you all of Giant Bomb staff for the wonderful site that is Giant Bomb.

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i have to work today

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Pokémon impression.. oh god.

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This video is already dead.

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No Kinect?

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No, Will! Out of the way!

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lol Will

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Are there any pictures of Ryan's MODOK anywhere?

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Mother effing monday!

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That's a lot of Monday!

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Will!!! Awesome I Love Mondays.

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No mention of Kinect? I thought it was released this week?

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I look forward to whatever Ken's Rage coverage the squad will bestow upon us

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Staying home today. Not from a hangover, but my weekend felt short and if I stay home today I get a four-day weekend, what with Election Day tomorrow. Yet another reason I love Mondays. 

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Oh my god...they killed Will and his ghost now haunts "I love Mondays"!!!

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Wii TNT will fail terribly...

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A wii game TNT should be fun to watch lol

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Oh Will, when will your shenanigans end?

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Yay! Ghost Will!

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@Brenderous said:
" Pokémon impression.. oh god. "
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@Lyfeforce said:
"I look forward to whatever Ken's Rage coverage the squad will bestow upon us "

It's probably gonna suck since it's a Koei Dynasty Warriors like game. So, they'll probably bring in Alex just to torture him.
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The Club was, and still is, a great game.

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Wii. Nintendo Wii

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I played that Fist of the North Star demo.  It was pretty awful.  As expected from Koei.

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"Fuck you, Will!" 
Fun times.

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@jagenheim said:
" No mention of Kinect? I thought it was released this week? "
HA, caring about motion-based controls. Good one...
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FotnS and Blood Stone. Should be a good week.

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I was Charmeleon on one Halloween.  
The local news station came by my house and recorded me as Charmeleon and my dad as Father Time. 
Would be crazy if I could dig that clip up, and horribly embarrassing. 

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Mondays need a new intro.

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@ZeroCast said:
" Mondays need a new intro. "
No. No. How dare you
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Actually no, please do not show us your best Pokemon impression.

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also btw kinect releases

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Played the demo of ken's rage last week and man... it was bad, real bad.  Like mid ps1 life cycle bad.
So I look forward to the quicklook of course. :D

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Drunk Will = Awesome Will.

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I love Bizarre Creations. Only God knows why Activision have them doing a franchise game, and a James Bond one at that :(

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Ahahahaha, Wii TNT. Bet Claude is fucking stoked.

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I have literally only heard of 2 of those games that are coming out (the Bond ones). Also, Wii TNT is gonna hurt, everyone will finally see why that thing is such a dud for real gamers.

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hey, I like The Club...

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NOW Monday has truly begun.

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I'm glad that I quitted drinking months ago. I feel as fresh as a daisy!

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Bring on the RYDOK for he was designed only to kill!

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@jagenheim said:

" No mention of Kinect? I thought it was released this week? "

From Jeff's Formspring:

should we expect a lot of kinect stuff this week?

We pre-ordered like three of those things, so yeah, we'll probably have some stuff starting on Thursday.

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will smith is my hero

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He didn't mention Kinect at all. I wonder if that's telling...

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Koei has actually made some damn good games in that style.  Samurai Warriors 2 Empires, for example, ramps the AI up enough that your allies can take care of an entire battle in minutes with you ordering them around, and the enemy will attack more than once a minute.