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I love Mondays!

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First and last time I try that.

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Ooh, nice!

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ILMs are always hard to find on Monday morning. Love Ryan's enthusiasm, though. (It's a lot easier to be excited for Monday when you record on Friday.)

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Yay! Its Monday!!!

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ugh ugh ugh it's Monday !!

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Aww... I wanted an Assassin's Creed TNT.

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Im glad to see that face-stabbing is as appreciated as always at Giantbomb

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Now my Monday can begin

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Assassins Creed Brotherhood, NFS  & Starcraft love - pretty strong weak.

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Your all way to fast with this first biz.... Who's giving inside post info?!?! O_o

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" Nice "

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uh uh uh uh

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Hopefully Assassin's Creed and Need for Speed will be on TNT in the next couple weeks since there aren't too many other multi-player games coming out the rest of the year.

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If those E3 trailers are any indication, that DECA sports quick look will be a complete shit show.

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damn, why do games have to come out on friday in the uk 

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Hopefully ryan isn't put out of commission again for the kinect stuff haha

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lol poor Ryan, lets hope this is a wake up call for him.

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Ryan, you have to say Xbox Kinect Hub first, THEN Xbox Monday. Sheesh, read the manual.

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Oh God, I pray that they have Ryan and Vinny do the Harry Potter Quick Look.  Please-oh-please-oh-please!

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A new Harry Potter quick look is something I dream of nightly.  
Wishes do come true. 

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Awesome. Sounds like a good week. :)

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damn, ryan

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can't wait to see what Brad and Drew did in Korea, I saw the finals and I think I saw Brad in the audience.

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When are we going to change the 5 star rating to the 5 UH! rating?

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Damn Ryan, Didn't know you were hurt like that..... Abuse the intern, let his grove thang be shuck!

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Dang, did Ryan really have heart problems during the Kinect testing?  Blood pressure meds? Man, he is way too young for that.

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@Blair said:
" I love CouponBug.com and also Mondays. "
Okay, I'll bight... heads over to coupon bug to check it out.
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Uh? Uh?! UH!!

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" @gakon5 said:

" Nice "

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Is    Assassins Creed Brotherhood a spin-off or is it part of the main series? If it's part of the main series then why not call it AC3?

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I'd like to get Brotherhood but I swore when Ubisoft started their DRM bullshit on the PC that I wouldn't buy any of their games til it stopped.  Hasn't stopped yet.  I'm optimistic about NFS because it's by Criterion so maybe I'll check out a demo.  I wish they were working on Burnout instead.  The next game I'm looking forward to is Golden Sun, which is problematic because I don't have a DS and if I won't buy a Wii to play Fire Emblem then I won't buy a DS to play Golden Sun either.

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Uh that uh to the uh of the uh in the fuckin UH!!!!!!

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I blame the disobedient horse of Motions Sports for Ryans blood pressure levels. F*ck that horse!

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Please please please do a harry potter quick look with vinny and ryan. The last one was hilarious.

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" @gakon5 said:

" Nice "

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"Cool." "
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No NFS HS 2010 MP for TNT? Aw...

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*sigh* way too much Kinect coverage than it actually needs. Damn Xbox lovers.

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Picking up AC:B at midnight.  Gonna stab dudes in the face and/or neck for HOURS. 

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" Is    Assassins Creed Brotherhood a spin-off or is it part of the main series? If it's part of the main series then why not call it AC3? "
It's more multi-player focussed and it continues the adventures of Ezio, but I think Desmond's storyline is staying pretty much where it is. 
Also: First time visual representation for UH UH UH UH UH! I too love Mondays.
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@dagas said:
"Is    Assassins Creed Brotherhood a spin-off or is it part of the main series? If it's part of the main series then why not call it AC3? "

I guess it's technically a spin-off of the second game. You still continue Ezio's story and see him rebuild the Assassin order or something as he continues his fight against the Templars.