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Man! So many boxes in that office!

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@geirr said:

The WiiU literally has nothing to offer me at this point and it's looking kinda glum future-wise.

Why does it look glum future wise? Future stuff is gonna get announced later, they just haven't talked about anything that's not coming until the end of Q1 (with some stealth announcements to be expected). All cards are still on the table in that regard.

Too bad about the unevenness of the launch ports, though. In some regards they're clearly better, in others they're not. Let's hope the publishers care enough to put out patches (since all the issues like framerate and missing effects should be patchable!).

Ultimately, it's a console launch. Not like they all went buttery smooth before ...

@Hameyadea said:

Poor Brad, does it mean that his Nintendo profile is locked to the office's Wii U?

For now, yes. As he's only played two games on it so far, that doesn't sound like too big of an issue in that scenario. Sucks for the regular day-to-day games media workers, though. For Joe Schmoe gamer it should be of little concern in the immediate future.

@ArbitraryWater said:

Nice to see that enjoyed Zombi-U. Does that mean there will be a review?

He said in the video he is gonna write it on the plane and should go live later today.

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Yeah minor league hockey! ECHL Wheeling Nailers!

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If it's not like Rogue, don't call it a Rogue-like haha.

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Check out those old Jurassic Park games. The only one I liked was for the SNES.

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Where is the addams family video?? #demons #hell #belsebub #satan

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Dave is so awesome!

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Spoiler warning. The Little Inferno is an analogy for playing video games.
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I Love Mondaves

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@President_Barackbar said:

Chris with the White Car gets bonus turkeys.

So one day a year he becomes Chris with the White Meat?

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@mdnthrvst said:

ignorant mainstream journalists toss the term around as Buzzword-of-the-Month while never having heard of Angband, ADOM, or Dungeon Crawl once in their lives

But how many of those games do you have...ON VINYL?!?!?!

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I like Rogue-like-like

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best i love mondays in a lonnnng time.

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@Dberg said:

Spoiler warning. The Little Inferno is an analogy for playing video games.

is it also a rogue-like?

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Shoutouts to Patrick though, hopefully he can have a nice Thanksgiving after his grave loss earlier this year. 



If it's not like Rogue, don't call it a Rogue-like haha.

But it is! To say something is "like" something is extremely general and broad in the first place, thus the term roguelike is kind of adoptable and was always cobbled together(from what I have read of the history), thus saying "oh yeah it is like that game, very reminiscent in design and spirit." communicates what it needs to.  Digging deeper into saying if it is an action, platformer, or RPG is also key. 
@Neurotic said:

Despite my hatred for zombies and distaste for Dark Souls, ZombiU actually looked pretty cool. Too bad I'm never buying a Wii U.

That's too bad. 
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@ripelivejam said:

@Dberg said:

Spoiler warning. The Little Inferno is an analogy for playing video games.

is it also a rogue-like?

Second cousin of a roguelike-like maybe?

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So many boxes at the end

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I love this minor league hockey talk... It sounds very underground stuff that they are up to. And I cannot wait to see the site on Thanksgiving day now, thanks to Dave!

Sorry about your Bears Patrick... rough loss.

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the only thing i can say is : When we will see JP games that are on your desk Patrick


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Bless you Vinny 2X

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Yes. Minor League Hockey is the best.

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Chris shows up with a turkey... in his white car.

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Poor dave, all he wanted was a donut.

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goddammit it's Wednesday!!!

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You wouldn't call a game that has just a tiered unlocks and progression system from CoD an FPS if it were say, a turnbased RPG. Why is it okay to call every game roguelikes again?

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Dave is all about happy people. Good guy Dave.

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@PulledaBrad said:

@Iceland said:

Something tells me that Patrick is wearing that shirt ironically

I think he's a big Friday Night Lights fan.

That makes it even funnier

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@PulledaBrad said:

@wisdumcube said:

@PulledaBrad said:

@TheSouthernDandy said:

Ok Jeff has talked about wanting to play ZombieU and Walking Dead, both Zombie heavy games. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??!!?!

Crazy thing is is that he had little interest in "Dead Island" (as far as I can remeber) and was hostile towards the Dark/Demons Souls games. Which is what ZombiU strikes me as.

I think the answer lies in the fact that Jeff just impulsively bought a Wii U and needs games to play besides Nintendoland and New Super Mario Bros. U.

DOnt be silly. Jef is never impulsive and is super good with money.

indeed, he definitely wants to play both because ZombieU is a big launch title and TWD is one of the games of the year

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@Mathey said:

Did you notice Vinny sneezing?

I hope he's well.

wow......creepy much?

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Not even two years later and 4 of the guys in this office aren't in this office anymore, and 2 of them don't work for GB. :(