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I love mondays!

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By the time I type this comment I'm guessing 6 comments are already up.

Edit- Poop, well 4 were up, sort of close guess

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Catch the fever!

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Love the site, still hate Mondays.

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I love Turkeys

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Oh my God. That Kinect thing on Wednesday is going to be AMAZING!

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seems like a really boring week ahead.

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Thanks Ryan

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Ah boo, I will away from home on Wednesday. Hopefully the archive goes up this week too (though understandable if not)

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No Serious Sam 3 makes me a sad person.

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Kinect marathon is going to be great!

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You're welcome, Ryan.

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yaaay mondayyyy

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hmm still no Zelda quick look?

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Looks like it will be a shoer but exciting week here on the bomb ^^

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Zelda QL? :(

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I was hoping for a KOF13 TNT well maybe next week.

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Hell yeah Kinect Marathon

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I'm wodering about Endurance Run start. They said "before the year is over", so it must come very soon, right Zach?

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Are there no plans to do a skyward sword quicklook?

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Too much Kinect!

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fuck Mondays

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Working during the Kinect stuff, man that sucks :(

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man.. ryan sounds like he's leavng giant bomb by thanking us like that.. weird

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Be careful Ryan. Remember the last full Kinect day you were sick for days after that.

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And just like that, there are no more video games.

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but I hate sweet potatoes...

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Kinect marathon!? TIME TO BURN SOME GREASE!

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I miss the I Love Mondays turkeys.

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Don't kill yourself Ryan!

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@bluehat9 said:

but I hate sweet potatoes...

Ah, so I'm not alone. Thank the stars!

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Ryan punishing himself for the greater good it seems with a Kinect marathon.

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Hooray for Mondays!

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Oh, please.

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@Branthog said:

Finally, back to every week being shitty and uninteresting for gamers. For the next four months, at least. :)

I assume you meant 4 weeks because their is sooooo much awesome shit coming out between January and March its crazy. Even god damn Diablo 3 might be out in that time period. lol

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That's a lot of Kinect.

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I should buy a turkey today! Real Thanksgiving was like a month ago, but with all these Americans talking about Turkey, I wonder if I have the time... Maybe later this week, today is kinda terrible...

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Video starts at 0:25.

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But do you love Moondays?

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Looking forward to you kicking that horse's ass on Wednesday, Ryan!

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I guess Ryan will at least have almost a full week to recover after Wednesday with the holiday and all.

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Super pumped for the live show on Wednesday now.

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Know who doesn't like Mondays? Garfield.

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Your welcome.