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mondays!... I love them?

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My love for Mondays is only matched by my hate for Bob Costas

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Vacation Vinny!

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Mundanes, mundanes, mundanes!

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Slow weeks = find weird shit to quick look

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Bring back the song!

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FINALLY! New video content! It's felt like months since we got new stuff. How dare you take time off from dancing for my entertainment!

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I wonder what a Monday tastes and smells like when it hasn't showered in 6 days. Probably smells like octopus shit.

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@SirPsychoSexy said:

My love for Mondays is only matched by my hate for Bob Costas

My hate for Bob Costas is only matched by my love of Cris Collinsworth's scarves.

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EDIT: Crashmo!

EDIT EDIT: Spoilercast would be great. I know in theorryyy it will get talked about during Game of the Year stuff.. but probably more broadly in comparison to other stories of the year. Also, by then much of the sting of episode 5 might have worn off, so it'd be nice to hear some discussion on it while the wound is fresh.

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I don't want no ER but can we get a P4:G quicklook?

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Could Patrick possibly take more time off?


I'm really enjoying Fly'n, as frustratingly hard as it gets at times. I'd love to hear their opinion of it.

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Has anyone ever fallen out one those open windows behind Ryan's desk?

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Met her on Monday. Twas my lucky bun day.

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I demand a Brad/Vinny/Drew/Dave podcast this week.

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practically nothing for a whole month, its jeff/vinny endurance run time.

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Getsuyoubi daisukida!

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I needed this. After 5/6 days without content, this was the shot-in-the-arm that I needed.

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Great... Brad is Quick Looking Far Cry 3. "I don't want to do that because it might mess up my character." "But I have to buy a flamethrower and I don't want to spend my money." "But it will kill my friends if I release the tiger."

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I vote for the thing we've all been waiting for.....the Neverdead Quick Look

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And so it begins!

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Doesn't the Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition come out this week? I would LOVE to see a Quick Look of that. Love.

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@CaLe said:

I wonder what a Monday tastes and smells like when it hasn't showered in 6 days. Probably smells like octopus shit.

rather specific smell you bring up

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Brad should have made an executive decision and declared a Magicka TNT!

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Walking Dead 4 man Endurance Run/Spoiler cast. Go!

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Planetside 2 TNT

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I am unreasonably excited about Fifa QL

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So Giant Bomb's not doing anything with this game?

It wasn't even mentioned in the new releases of last week's Bombcast or the week before. Come one guys, it's so good. You're missing out.

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what games are?

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planetside 2 fucking eh!

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Drew Walking Dead ER!

Ceiling pan gets 4/5.

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@ReaganStein said:

Could Patrick possibly take more time off?

huh, thought you'd be happy that he's not polluting your content *rolls eyes*

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Will there be a Persona 4 Golden Quicklook?

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I'm still waiting on Jeff's funky barn QL

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Does Brad hate EVERYTHING?

Also: FIFA!

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To be totally fair, every day of the past 4 years Giant Bomb has been run by asylum inmates.

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So, now that the October rush is over, feel like going back and digging through the backlog of PSN titles that got buried during it?

If I really had to pick one thing, I'd really want you to take a look at When Vikings Attack! - it's a fun and accessible multiplayer brawler and shouldn't take a long time to do.

Also there's Planets Under Attack, Clan of Champions, and Killzone HD which you never got to. And for some Move related fun (no fair Kinect gets all the "love") Wonderbook: Book of Spells, Sports Champions 2 and Wicked Monsters Blast! HD.

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I am simultaneously psyched for and dreading a Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock quick look.

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nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, spoilercasts are very different from game of the year delibaration. Why not do both?

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I could probably watch Vinny play Sleeping Dogs all day.

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Jeff and Vinny sports game quicklook? Instantly my week is better!

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This is gonna be good !