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Posted by MrKlorox

Goddamnit Nintendo. You used to be the best and nobody else could touch you. Now you are the worst and completely incompetent. What the fuck happened?
Also too bad The War Z just came out because nobody's going to cover it aside from the lunatics.

Posted by Marmaladebrat

Wii Mimi Mouth Jeff is funny.

Hope you do a nostalgia cast Wii Mini Mouth Jeff and Ryan!

Posted by Superkenon

Good Lord. Brad's reaction to the composite thing was the best.

Posted by WickedCobra03

Wii-mouth-Jeff is awesome Jeff. Young Jefferey might need to do an emergency NDX transmission soon just to make sure that he can call on the underground train resistance group whenever he needs.

BTW Jeff, if possible, please do this stream. That would be your Christmas present to me. I have been looking forward to it since like October after watching you play Mortal Kombat 4 with Brad last summer from a previous Christmas live stream.

Posted by teh_destroyer

Brad shaved :(. Yay for Alex being there soon :).

Posted by DassoBrother

I still find the existence of this new Wii completely baffling. Feel sorry for anyone who purchases this thinking it's the best value. I suppose if you have no internet access in your home and don't plan on getting any this box might be for you.

Posted by Erunamo

@Ghostiet said:

@jfbguy said:

Oh, so exploitable.

Exploitable you say?

Posted by elko84

I had a bad case of Wii mouth once

Posted by Yodasdarkside

Christ, how do you guys work in such a mess? That office is a midden.

Posted by metalsnakezero

@bkbroiler said:

From @tole_cover on Twitter:

(click to play)

O_o that is too good!

Posted by dom2d

GutsMan has a Wii Mini Mouth, with a different color scheme.

Posted by gbrading

Add the Wii Mini to the list of reasons Nintendo has totally lost the plot.

Posted by Dogma

I broke into loud laughter when I saw Brads reaction to the component thing. He's stare, pose and his high piched shocked voice. You can hear when he get's back his composure. Its when his voice get's all deep and Brad:y again. :D

Posted by MormonWarrior

I really, really don't understand the point of the Wii mini. At all. You can get a used normal Wii for chicken feed...and this thing isn't even that cheap and not much smaller. And it's hideous. And no Wi-Fi or component or GameCube ports? WhatEVER.

Posted by BawlZINmotion

@vr00m: So does that mean that next Monday is going to be post-apocalyptic? :P

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@gbrading said:

Add the Wii Mini to the list of reasons Nintendo has totally lost the plot.

It'll probably still sell more than the Vita and the Move combined.

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Posted by ShaunK

While I wait for the GOTY content to come out I will be rewatching most of the P4 endurance run again.

Posted by ShaunK

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@bkbroiler said:

From tole_coverTwitter:

(click to play)

I can't stop laughing every time I click on this.

His genuine look of shock really surprised me my first time watching this. Then I laughed, really hard.

Posted by 20183242

Wii Mini Mouth Jeff was my favorite character from the muppets TV show.

Posted by iainfarrell

You guys have the tidiest office evah :) Merry Christmas!

Posted by blackneuron

I would of named it Wii small ugly cheap mini.