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Legendarny Smak = Legendary Taste

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i love mondays.

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Looks like someone used that box as a bean bag chair at some point. 

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Daim son!

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Does the Hd video go all pixelated after 18 minutes for anyone else... :/

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If you've never had a wax bottle, you are not living life to the fullest.

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I'm sure someone has already mentioned this, but "halal" is not a location. It means that the product conforms to the dietary strictures of Islam. It's the Muslim version of "kosher".

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That Milky Way done shit itself. 
Ikea cakes have D'aim in them. They're fucking delicious.

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Holy shit!  Ballygowan water on Giantbomb!  All you guys need now is Tayto Cheese and Onion crisps (Northern Irish Edition) and you'll be finally sated.  Maybe I should send you guys some...

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whoopie pies! They are the only thing shared between the Amish and people from Maine.

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If you guys keep making videos like this it guarantees I resubscribe next year. Just a fantastic Mailbag!

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brad knows what gamesworkshop is? awesome

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I am so pissed Rorie was out of the room when Norm started dancing.

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Awesome Mailbag!

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Oh man, that one was long.
Also, "smak" translates to taste in Swedish and other languages probably.

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Yo you get more Anna up in these videos.

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Video problems in this same with the reach quicklook, pixelation like a madman 

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You guys should do more videos like this ... some people might find it boring, and I know you cover all the content on the usual I Love Mondays video but ... I find it really interesting just to see the team talking about what you're going to cover this week and the process behind it. Also Vinny singing. 

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Best monday tested mailbag art video ever!

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everytime i watch these things i want food..

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hahah they tell you your podcast about videogames is too long, yet your videos about what you might do and snacks gets longer? Wonky!

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About time this went up! I was waiting for Monday to start for 24 hours! Now my week can begin like normal.

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Man, you're making me hungryyy

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mondays are awesome, even on a tuesday.

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Don't cross the mailbags! It would be bad!

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This is like a Voltron of Mailbags, or a Gurren Lagann of Mailbags (to bring Anime Vice into it).

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Professor Layton and the Legendarmy Smak

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I saw a game.com
Also, meatos.

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Finally it is Monday...?  
That was some crazy stuff in the mailbag.

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They should have shoved a Quick Look into this video to max out it's potential.

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I approve of the Whiskey Media crew's stance on banana-flavored products. Bananas are great, but anything banana-flavored that is not a banana is for terrible people who like terrible things.

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Get drenched!

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GiantBomb>Screened>Tested>Comic Vine>Anime Vice

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Love the cross over stuff and Vinnys Daaaaaaim.

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@omghisam: Definitely a strong connection. We're wacky for whoopie here in the 207.
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Woah, just realized this is a half hour. Going to have to come back.

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Interested in Move Coverage. Seems like its pretty great other then the lacking software at launch,.
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@EvilHaole:  no, brad just likes to stay up late to watch korean people play SC 2
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Sweet, I was hoping they'd make a video for the package

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oh my god

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Great stuff here

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I have all of those things from the Tested mailbag in my cabinet. I love being Asian.

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making a list and checking it twice! gonna find out which games to like... 
vinny mocking the community was AWESOME 
also Ryan needs to work on where he is aiming the camera...

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I like Giant Bomb.

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Ryan, you might want to zoom out just a little. I think the macro would work better.