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Holy! There's a game.com on that table!

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again will looks like he is out of his skull on something lol

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@MistaSparkle said:
" Best "I Love Mailbags" yet! "
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I love tuesday mailbags!

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So much content!
Also Will Smith crashing the mailbag is amazing. Will is everywhere!

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wooooooooo Tesco!

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 During World War II, bananas were rationed and Hostess was forced to switch to vanilla cream. This change proved so popular that Hostess never switched back to banana and still uses vanilla cream in Twinkies today     
Awesome vid, I love those mail bags!
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Tested, while I totally love you guys, you came running in and cut short my once in a life time experience of being on the GB mailbag! There was a whole other bag with random comics, a CD of Silent Hill inspired Ambient / Progressive Black Metal and some other stuff that I've since forgotten about. I can only imagine how well or how badly that junk would have gone down on camera. :) 
Still, the Legendarny Smack got top billing while Scorpion and The Stirling Observer were featured prominently, so I can't complain. 
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Fuck Mondays. 
I love Tuesdays now. 
How come Vinny is so goddamn awesome and hilarious all the time? DAAAAAAAAAAAIIIM.

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28 minute super bonanza! 

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Lets get Drenched. And I mean lets smoke lots of PCP. Takers?

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Those Paluszki snacks: 
Legendarny is pretty much self-explanatory. 
In dutch however, we have the word 'smaak', which means 'taste'. 
Linguistic conundrum solved.  
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Paluszki Legendarny Smak 
IS IN POLISH LANGUAGE! ::P lol   We have those in Poland, Although I cant explain how someone got them in scotland
It means "Legendary taste"

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@HiCZoK: There are a large number of Poles and Eastern Europeans working over here. To the point where even major grocery stores stock specially food imported from the continent.  
I really wanted to send them the disk pretzels those guys do, but the local shop only had the sticks. :)
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Mailbag!  TESCO!

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What is the mail bag address?

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This video was fucking hilarious. So much gold in this video. My favorite moments:  
Drew saying one of the candies looked like "a level in a Sega Genesis game."  

Norm dancing.  

Vinny saying that last box with the loose candy at the bottom was "starting to look like the floor of an aisle in a movie theater."  

That damn last BOX! Holy shit was that thing beat up. It looked like someone took a road trip to Whiskey HQ, tied it to the bottom of the car and dragged it all the way there. I've never seen a box that resembled a big glob of jello with duct tape all around it before. I kind of feel bad for whoever sent it, but at the same time that mangled-ass thing made the video that much better. 

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Haha, Lemon living the dream over there.

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@JustKamToo said:
"What is the mail bag address? "

Aah, please, give those guys a break, will you?! XD ; )
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that picture didnt look like vinny at all

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 worth the money :-))))

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No, you get drenched Ryan Davis!!!

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Mmm, Daim is good shit.

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When I saw the state of that last box, I knew it was from Ireland. Everything I've ever posted from Dublin arrived elsewhere completely destroyed. Damn you irish post service.

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Great I Love Monday/Mailbag. A very united Mailbag! 
So funny. 

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I Love Mondays: Tuesday Edition

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Well that was pretty awesome.  Nice to see lots of British food I recognise.  Probably like Refresher bars the best out of all those.  Also, I cracked up at Brad's hamster-like eating and at lots of other moments too.

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Damn, Giant Bomb could open their own candy store with all the stuff that users are sending in.

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lol last year i would have a drench everyday, they are so good

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Watch out for Goro! He's coming soon

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This was full of win. Nice way to start the day.

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  When do they show 'Paluszki' seen in the thumbnail?

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What an epic crossover I Love Mondays/Mailbag. Tested x Giant Bomb.

Also, I love Ana.

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"Double chocolateeee!"  
"ana: what does it meannnnnn!?"     
Ana <3 ,  
Also the letter was right,. he was wearing TWO black shirts and jeans.

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Daim is awesome. I wish the rain would stop... I need me some Daim.

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man, this vid makes me hungry!

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I did laugh when Alex pronounced 'Mowum' and then Vinny's 'Mowah-am'

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Who is the lady sitting by brad?

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UK representin'!!!!

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@IrishBrewed said:
" Who is the lady sitting by brad? "
This is Sara from comic vine.
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Vinny's fake outrage about getting half the videos is awesome...

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Oh snap! He found the macro switch.

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@JayHayabusa: Nice...I am on my way there now..lol
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@GunnBjorn said:
" Those Paluszki snacks:  Legendarny is pretty much self-explanatory. In dutch however, we have the word 'smaak', which means 'taste'. Linguistic conundrum solved.   "
it's funny how all our european languages are just a random cluster of variations of the same words most of the time :D
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Nice to see Polish stuff in Scotland package :). Good job with saying "paluszki" Brad :P. And be careful, eating "paluszki" could be addictive :).
 Legendarny smak = legendary taste :).