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Posted by JayHayabusa

Brad eating the bacon fries chips is full of win...

Posted by Hyde_PL

Polish salty sticks. They're brilliant. And the thing on the package says "legendary taste". Quite appropriate they came in a Halo Legendary Edition helmet.

Posted by gbrading

Scotland representing and doing the UK proud in both food and Mortal Kombat terms! I love them reading out random bits from the newspaper. Houses are always so expensive.
Posted by Dedodido

You don't have apple and blackcurrent in the US? :O
Never thought I'd see so much British food on GB.

Posted by reich_joyce

That's the Irish postal service alright! You should have put some meanies in there.

Posted by Kung_Fu_Viking

Lol @ Vinny's member tantrum xD

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I love Refreshers and that painting was awesome. Seen it in other videos, was wondering about that one. Of course I figured it was from a fan of the site but didn't know if they made it themselves or not.

Posted by sparks50

I hope they dont kill em self with all this rubbish food :)

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Daaaiiiimm! I should send them some of that, I eat it all the time. If I had a job so I had the money to spend on other people, I'd send them some delicious Swedish soda and European chocolate. And Haribo candy. Of course, they're all probably going to die before then...

Posted by Vaancor

Goro came out. I remember playing with these things at my sister's house when I was but a wee lil lad and thought MK was the hot shiz.

Posted by SBYM

These videos always make me want to go down to the weird Asian corner store next to my apartment and load up on random foreign goods.

Posted by LoggerRythm

Aw yeah!   Time to get Panda!

Posted by MrJiggerski

Eating some "paluszki" right now.

Posted by FLStyle

Best in-office video for a while, so many memorable moments. Good show gents.

Posted by Burn1n9m4n

I want to get drenched! Daaiiiiimmmm! Daim is really good they sometimes add it to chocolate.
Posted by knownspace

H.P. Bombcraft's "Brads In The Walls"

Posted by outerabiz

all i love mondays, should be filmed at tuesdays!

Posted by I_am_Lono

TK Red lemonade is fantastic!! 
I noticed Jeff say "It'll be in Euros" when talking about Scotland! Bloody idiot! Why is it every time you get things from the UK you always appear ignorant? 

Posted by Faint

really good video guys! lots of content

Posted by VicRattlehead

bacon fries are the greatest thing in the world.... nothing better than a pint and a packet of bacon fries

Posted by MrAriscottle

Whoever sent the first mailbag, please please please tell me where you got the vimto bon bons from?! I've never seen them, and I love vimto!

Posted by Dylabaloo

Good to see some local foods on the mailbag.

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Oh shit! Irish mailbag! I have been waiting for one of these!
Whoever sent the one from Ireland, good choice on the food and drink. All you need is some Burger Bites and some TK lemonade. They also have never seen some Flump before. This video has truly made my day.
Vinny's Irish sucked though...

Posted by elko84

i was so drenched last night

Posted by fox01313

Wooot Scotland :)

Posted by Thunder626

 Food poisoning is the result of eating organisms or toxins in contaminated food. Most cases of food poisoning are from common bacteria such as Staphylococcus or E. coli. 

The symptoms from the most common types of food poisoning generally start within 2 - 6 hours of eating the food. That time may be longer (even a number of days) or shorter, depending on the cause of the food poisoning.
Possible symptoms include:
Abdominal cramps
Diarrhea (may be bloody)
Fever and chills
Nausea and vomiting
Weakness (may be serious and lead to respiratory arrest, as in the case of botulism)    

Posted by retsub101

I spy a Game.com @ 12:28

Posted by Chippy180

Oh man,TK Lemonade. That shit is BAD OUT.

Posted by Grissefar

Look at it stretch! All right!
That was one HECK of a mailbag.

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Vinny is just absolutely perfect in this video, with the fake subscriber angry. :D 

Posted by Steve_C

Made me laugh seeing that empty rainbow drops pack as soon as Vinny tore the box open. He must have sliced straight through the packet.
Those Vimto bon bons looked great. I haven't had lemon bon bons in years. They were awesome.

Posted by Piemontinho

@Ryan: it means "Legendary flavour", it's because recipe is like 100 years old which is also written on the bag, n yes those salty sticks r quite popular in Poland:)

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Fun fact, I went to school with the son of the guy who owns TK. Red lemonade is an Irish institution, like Guinness or Tayto Crisps. Oh you can drink regular old white lemonade if you are a wuss but REAL men (and women) drink red.

Posted by Ronald

And it was sent in the Halo Reach limited edition helmet. Also, I love Tested taking over and making it their mailbag. And then Rorie walks downstairs, still looking the worse for wear.

Posted by fedorajay

Awesome Robotron shirt, Jeff!

Posted by Winternet

Next Giant Bomb motto: Look at it stretch.

Posted by Chiefslapaho

Does the drench come in R kelly flavor?

Posted by Darkraven

nice mailbag. maybe its a good idea to try it out in the future again. whole whiskey media family mailbag on the same video :D might be fun!

Posted by jab3wx@gmail.com

I can never watch these mailbags without eating something candy related. Damn you guys.

Posted by Aarny91

28 minutes!? D:

Posted by AverageGreg

It's wierd seeing Tesco-brand sweets on Giant Bomb

Posted by EdsXwing

Eating the open food... classic!

Posted by Spiritof

If you can make it all the way to the end of this video, you will be drenched.

Posted by NickNorman

I lost it with the pretzels.

Posted by Gap
@CrazyGreg said:
" It's wierd seeing Tesco-brand sweets on Giant Bomb "
True that, "Whoah... they're looking at sweets which i also see at my local supermarket!"
Posted by Aarny91
@Gap said:
" @CrazyGreg said:
" It's wierd seeing Tesco-brand sweets on Giant Bomb "
True that, "Whoah... they're looking at sweets which i also see at my local supermarket!" "
Indeed. Seeing the guys amazed at Flumps was also hilarious.
Posted by CyleMoore

I love banana flavor!