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Lots of candy!!! I want some of that!

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just in time

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Question for subs, is this in HD? Just curious.

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Ah, just in time for Monday. 

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I love monday on a tuesday? Keep it together.
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Never doubted any of you for a second.
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@artofwar420 said:

Question for subs, is this in HD? Just curious.

Yes, all videos on the site are in HD
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I was just about to search the forums for an update. Yippee!

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@Travis: Epic, I can't wait to sub. Waiting for mah pay.
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I hope they are working on a new I Love Mondays video.  With more turkeys in the background. 

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I mail Mondays Bag of Love edition...or the STFU about "i love mondays" edition

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Happy birthday to I Love Tuesdays!

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You should take a look at Valkyria Chronicles 2 for the PSP. It's, like, the second-best game ever.

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Why does Brad always look so tired or high? 
Does GB need to institute drug testing?

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OooO Vinny you sly dog, with the reference to the bombcast split complaints.

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Man, they look dead.

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30 minute I love mondays. Dayyyyym!

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Most Amish are nothing like what people think they ride in cars use power tools pretty much they are the biggest hypocrite you'll ever meet, 

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More will plz.

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Oh snap.

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I love the unscripted ILM videos.

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Pro banana over here.

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The video just ends after a minute. :\

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Gotta love them mailbags.
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That is a lie! I've eaten many Twinkies in my day, and never once has a single one of them tasted even remotely banana-ish!

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30 Minutes? No wonder Monday slipped into Tuesday.

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Hello Panda. I'm jealous! 

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I can't take the overload.  I Love Mondays.  A Giant Bomb/Tested Mailbag (or Male Bag as Will has been known to throw out) crossover event.  I'm hyperventilating from all the awesome.

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I love this version of I love mondays. Its more real.

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I feel like everyone, Ryan in particular, is starting to get jaded about the awesome shit they receive.
But I also feel that someone somewhere started a neverending cycle of trying to top the previous mailbags.
And eventually the Whiskey Media offices are just going to be filled with all sorts of nonsense like action figures and books and paintings and weird foreign candy shit that they don't really need or want and they're just gonna have to go "look STOP SENDING US SHIT" at some point.
But until that day? These videos are awesome.

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Wtf? Did a 6 yr old put together that last box right after from playing in the sandbox?

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Just when I thought they weren't going to do any original videos today, they wowed me with this awesome freaking video, that's the GB fill I needed I could go all week now, I also have to listen to the podcast tomorrow cause it's 4am here now and I'm too tired to listen to 3hours.

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I <3 Mondays and Mailbag!

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Guess they love this monday more than the past ones.
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I love Mondays and free snacks. I need a web page.
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28 min ahaihdlasiuf a i came

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I do love a mailbag where they get stuff I'm so used to seeing and they get fixated on one thing like the flump. 

Oh and make sure you don't throw those refresher bars in the bottom of the box away they are great (if hard work on your teeth)

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That may have been the quickest 28 minutes of my entire life.

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friendslist is already full....that is bullshit

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And I can finally end Monday.

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Also lol@ all the Tesco stuff.

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Is no one else kinda disgusted by this shit? Somebody needs to send these guys some organic produce.

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This was the greatest edition I think. The painting finally got the recognition on video it deserves, and a whole boat load of awesome treats.
I really want to get drenched.
edit: To those saying people need to send produce. They should hold a community event to enjoy international treats. I would gladly enjoy some of that, much to the dismay of my health.

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and hello panda <3 
someday I want to send like, a box full of boxes of Pocky, Hello Panda, and other Glico tasties like Chocorooms to Norm and Ana too xD Just on the basis that they are required to videotape Norm getting all giddy like a 5 year old <3

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Haha, you can tell its the Tested crew's first mailbag. They seem veeeery excited, rightfully so though. That was a box of delighftully sweet delicatessens.