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@mnzy said:

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@mnzy said:

Is this the first time somebody from GB left the US for coverage?

no its happen a ton of times

Not that often. I remember they were invited to England once, but that's about it.

I know the one you're thinking of is the time Ryan and Vinny went to Liverpool for Blur, but Jeff also went to London for some Bethesda event back in, like, 2009 to look at Rogue Warrior and Wet. Don't ask me why I remember this. Also, TGS 2008.

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survival horror.... bowling? amazing.....

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Patrick uses a Razer Naga eh?

Has he been playing some MMO's that I am not aware of?

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I really love the idea of having I Love Mondays as a "let's catch up with the office, but also tell what's going on" video. It's great!

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@ThePilgrums said:

Why is Jeff in Rome? Instead of reading the 20 goddamn times it's been answered I'll just ask again!

He has to go assemble the Assassin's Brotherhood to take control of Rome back from Cesare Borgia.

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Is Patricks' Xbox upside-down or am I crazy?

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Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer is pretty damn good. Love that game.

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Patricks got a nice organised desk.

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I love Brad too much.

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omg that freeze of Brad is soooo good, I keep click the page just to laugh at it xD

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Great, choppy videos again.

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@RobotHamster said:

I wonder where they're gonna end up putting Luchadeer??

Service ticket must be filed to maintenance department at which time Giantbomb will receive back a notice when they are available to discuss the scheduling of an appointment to have a hammer and nail tech swing by to make an assessment of the situation and file an estimate. A service approval ticket must then be filed in triplicate to maintenance, to the tech, and to HR for approval. All parties must sign off on the work proposal. Once that is all settled, an appointment will made for completion of the work in 6-8 weeks.

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I found that Mondays are best served with a side of damnit its Tuesday...

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The Real Breaking Brad!

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Seriously, can we find a wall for Luchadeer already? Duder is gonna have peramanent disorientation.

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Woo! Joy Formidable shirt!

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Poor Brad, playing such a terrible, terrible game. I just wanna hug him, tell him it'll be OK. You know he's crying on the inside.

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He does look like the kid from Episode 1.

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As they say; When in Rome, do as Jeff does.

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I really want to see a QL of this shitty Star Wars game. Really bad.

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@BBQBram said:

Great, choppy videos again.

Strangely, the YouTube video is nice and smooth.
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If ILM just stayed in this exact format for the rest of eternity, I would very much like it.

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@Roger_Klotz said:

This game is terrible, they can't even get the design of a podracer right.


Oh wow, that looks just like Jeff's!

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All of their awesome made the transition! <3

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That was pretty great

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@rts375: Hummingbrad?

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Why do they always seem like they hate their job? lol

It's like,. ahh Christ we're too old for this shit. Where the fuck is my pay check?

I would have more enthusiasm flipping burgers at McDonalds.

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you should really finish setting up the office.

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I love Monday's but I watched it on a Wednesday

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@dropabombonit: Same here man.

Same here.

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Tuesday tuesday TUESDAY TUESDAY

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Oh man... Brad looks so dejected through out this entire video.

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Now this is Monday! Or Wednesday...

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Is there no way to pay the premium payment via Paypal?

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@Picard said:

Why do they always seem like they hate their job? lol

It's like,. ahh Christ we're too old for this shit. Where the fuck is my pay check?

I would have more enthusiasm flipping burgers at McDonalds.

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@PillClinton said:

If ILM just stayed in this exact format for the rest of eternity, I would very much like it.

You have to hand it to them, Industrial Light and Magic has definitely spent the past 10 years polishing their tech. Hard to believe they'd be conjuring up something MORE mundane though.

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