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Posted by Jobim

This game seem cool. I wonder if it will have online play too, or just local, since that is a little trend lately.

Posted by Mendelson9

My friend and I played this on PSN, really fun but you definitely need 2 people to play, not as good single-player.

Posted by Brad3000

I thought this was two-character single-player, like Brothers.

Posted by Ravelle

@brad3000 said:

I thought this was two-character single-player, like Brothers.

It's both I believe.

Posted by EdReedFan20

I got this for free via PS+. Fun game.

Posted by Stimpack

Seems like a great game to play with the kid.

Posted by alcor741

@stimpack: It kinda isn't. It's deceptivly, controller-throwingly hard.

Posted by cdViking

For some reason, immediately thought of this:


Posted by Dovla

didn't know Kettel did the music for the game, looking forward to it now :)

Posted by Mr_Creeper

I think at some point this game was free with PlayStation Plus. I might have to go back and check it out.

Posted by sirkibble23

So glad this game is coming to PC.

Edited by YummyTreeSap

It is a very good game that unfortunately nobody seemed to care about. The soundtrack by Kettel is fantastic. Hope it finds some success on Steam.

And yes, you can play it Brothers-style, but my brain doesn't even want to begin thinking about thinking about how to pull that crap off. I would definitely recommend playing it with a friend.