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Football is rad!

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Well, it looks like more Madden. In a way its almost comforting to know that a video game has an annual release. Kind of like people who go to see Old Faithful, just something that will continue on and on.

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Same old robotic animations, same old shitty sound effects.

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Well that title's just damn confusing. But I'd probably be way more down for a futuresports football title.

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Being from Wisconsin is sad sometimes. :(

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They forgot to include Kaepernick destroying us from last year.....

It is funny how much people hate the Packers outside of Wisconsin, and just what a way of life it is here.

Posted by Atwa

Is it actually called Madden NFL 25?


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@d4rksh33p: Yeah! I was thinking, wow, this is insulting to Green Bay, but then I read your comment and realized, hey, as a 49ers fan, I should be insulted by this ad.

(random bolding added for no reason by the forum software?)

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So conflicted. Can next year's Madden be as monumental as its aptly titled quarter-century anniversary predecessor?

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@prettyunsmart: We do have New Glarus beer, and brats as far as the eye can see!

Also, does the background track make this trailer racist?



Posted by Alex

@fonkymucker: I'm super glad I'm not the only one who immediately had the "is this racist?" question pop into their head. Ultimately, no, it's really not. BUT I HAD TO THINK ABOUT IT FOR A SECOND.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

Glad that Barry Sanders got the cover vote victory.

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Damn they hate Green Bay.

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As inevitable as the sun rising. This trailer would have exactly the same effect if EA simply said, "Hey, there's another Madden game coming out in the autumn. Not that we need to remind you."

Posted by Hailinel

They cut out the part where Griffin blows out his knee, I see.

Posted by AngelN7

Madden NFL 25 sounds like a tv series fake videogame title ... like skull smasher 9.

Posted by FonkyMucker

@alex said:

@fonkymucker: I'm super glad I'm not the only one who immediately had the "is this racist?" question pop into their head. Ultimately, no, it's really not. BUT I HAD TO THINK ABOUT IT FOR A SECOND.

The line can be very fine sometimes......I remember a moment on my second or third date with this girl who was black. We were driving and the song Jungle Love came on the radio. She interrupts our conversation, yells out "Nope!", and changes the station.

Oddly enough Brown Sugar was playing on the first station she picked. "That's more like it!" she said. I didn't have the heart to tell her that its actually a horribly racist and catchy song about slave owners beating slaves and sleeping with them. But the humor of the situation prevented me doing so.

...I forgot the point I was going for, I just like this story and am procrastination doing real work.

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But what will they call the 2024 Madden now?!

Posted by Damodar

Is the video title a Minority Report reference? Because NFL would be waaaay better with Sick Sticks.

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@alex said:

@fonkymucker: I'm super glad I'm not the only one who immediately had the "is this racist?" question pop into their head. Ultimately, no, it's really not. BUT I HAD TO THINK ABOUT IT FOR A SECOND.

I thought about it for the WHOLE TRAILER. A black athlete weaving through other black athletes, set to "Run Through the Jungle?" A little Norman Chan was on my shoulder the whole time, shaking his head semi-ironically and muttering "So racist."

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WHOA! I knew I slept in a little today but is it really the year 2025??

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hope they have a 90 raiders team with an actual bo jackson this year, u cant celebrate 25 years of football without the greatest pure athlete of the modern era in it

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Oh my God, I just woke up and it's 2024. I time traveled while I was sleeping!

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Ad features a team scoring on the Packers. Great. That's this years excuse to not buy or play. My streak of finding dumb reasons to avoid shitty Madden games continues.

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It will be the same thing as every other year. Mediocre play, minimal improvements, at least one change that "everyone" will complain about, and a rush of people to buy it who play two games: Madden and Call of Duty. It really is like clockwork.

Edit: Additionally, the game appears to be happen at Lambeau field. The weather appears to be quite different than what I would expect at such a field. I just assume it is a constant dull grey with shit for weather.

Posted by evil_gordita

The only things certain in life are death, taxes, and Madden.

Posted by prettyunsmart

@fonkymucker: I moved away from Wisconsin this year, so brats are still accessible, but New Glarus beer, sadly is not. I'll have to stock up when I make a trip back next.

Posted by ManMadeGod

Same old robotic animations, same old shitty sound effects.

Stopped buying Madden years ago. Still hasn't changed.

Posted by TehJedicake

My issues aren't even with the gameplay, I personally don't care about the robotic animations and shit like that. I want simple stuff to implement like custom playbook, highlights, harder difficulty than All-Madden, there's other stuff but can only recall the issues when I'm actually playing the game.

Posted by Krataur

@greeny83: Madden NFL '25 or, if we're lucky, Madden NFL 25-2.

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Title is mad confusing but Barry Sanders is on the cover so I don't give a fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Animations still blow. Madden 2005 seriously had smoother animations.

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Whoa wait, Madden NFL 25 wasn't a typo? They're really calling it that? This is the 25th Madden game? Goodness gracious me.

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In 2024, Madden will be called Madden 36 to avoid a conflict.

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Wake me up when they get to Madden 50.

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Who needs a defense when you've got Aaron Rodgers? /cries

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So run plays are free. Will there be a microtransaction for passing or special teams plays?

Posted by shatteringlast
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Well, fuck you too Madden!

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What happened to 14 through 24? Oh wait, doesn't matter because they'd all be the same anyway.

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Run Free? I am guessing they juiced up the running game and moves. I can't wait until next year when 2K gets to make a game with current NFL players. This is going to be the same old same old - nothing to see here folks.

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Posted by BlatantNinja23

I just want to see the next gen versions :(

Posted by Andorski

Posted by Skullking
Posted by RE_Player1

No Wii U version announced... interesting.

Posted by ManlyBeast
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I've always wanted fighting controls in my football game.

Blank stare.

Posted by Mr402

So last year it was super overpowered passing offenses with a non existent running game. This year looks to be overpowered running game. It's truthfully sad that the last and best Madden was and still remains 05. I never even played the 2K series but I do believe that competition made for some of the best representations of video game football ever. The moment EA had no rival the quality of the series in respects to the game being played on the field has suffered more and more every year. Not to mention the absolute BS that Madden does not have a PC version means EA can go **** themselves.

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