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Posted by lazarenth

I want an Eggman Ship cart.

Posted by budgietheii

Oh sonic.

Posted by Morningstar

Sonic need to be put to rest, poor thing.

Posted by Mesoian

Only ever playing as Vyse!

Posted by AngelN7

They should have Welkin dirving a chibi Edelweiss in there

Posted by Daniel_Newton

Oh hey look, it's Diddy Kong Racing.

In all fairness Diddy Kong Racing is great, so if this is half decent I might pick it up. Maybe.

Posted by Peanut

The last game was the most fun I've had with a kart racer since Diddy Kong. Honestly, I think the last game was better than any Mario Kart game in the past 10 years and this is coming from someone who loathes Sonic and his shitty friends and isn't exactly the biggest Sega fan.

Posted by HansGr00ber

Is Skrillex an unlockable character?

Posted by arch4non

Unfortunately, GI Joe will not be there.

Posted by FakeKisser

I just need to know if Ryu is in this...

Posted by Goblin

I'm not a big fan of kart games or Sonic in general, but Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing was so goddamn fun.

The only reason I stopped playing that was the lack of opposition - AI, local or online. I don't mean to brag... it's just that racing by yourself, laps ahead of the rest, even as Big the Cat, is not that fun. Hopefully this game will reinvigorate the online competition.

Also, more old-school Sega fanservice!

Posted by Bwgmon
I might pick this one up. Eventually.
Posted by Generiko

I hope Banjo's in there again and I can't wait to play as Nascar driver Danica Patrick

Posted by chilipeppersman

thisll be fun

Posted by MocBucket62

You know, this game might be pretty fun. Oh and if Danica Patrick is in this game, they better make her track the first course from Daytona USA.

Posted by metalliccookies

This seems like it is more focused on a western audience than Project X Zone with is aimed at a more eastern market... still want to see Ecco the Dolphin in a bubble car or something XD

Posted by MeatSim

Your move Mario, were is your Dubstep?

Posted by Stormdragonblue

If they keep the race quality as high or better as the original then it's already a copy sold.

Posted by Imsorrymsjackson

The song is Promises by Nero in case anyone vaguely gives a fuck.

Posted by Cyrisaurus

"Fuck off, Tails" is all I could think while watching this

Posted by rygar8bit

the dwarf from god damn golden axe! BOUGHT

Edited by vinsanityv22

It's about time cart racers caught up to 1998's Diddy Kong Racing, if you ask me. The first Sega All Stars Racing was a fantastic game, genuinely better than Mario Kart considering it's just as polished, but has much cooler art and actual balance (being able to toss any weapon behind you to avoid getting "Blue Shelled". So I'm looking quite forward to this one.

But man, I REALLY want to go to a water park now.

I hope Hotsuma, or Jiro Musashi, from Shinobi (and, uh, Shinobi. Because Sega is retarded when it comes to naming those things). As long as they have that sic scarf trailing behind his cart ;)

Posted by Ricerx

Why would Sonic need a car?

Posted by Orange_Pork

Sega AM2, still making the best kart racers since CTR. Sold.

Posted by RecSpec
@vinsanityv22: Joe Musashi was confirmed a couple months back.
Posted by WinterSnowblind

@Ricerx said:

Why would Sonic need a car?

To participate in a kart race without being disqualified, I'd guess.

Posted by LiquidPrince

That actually looked kind of awesome.

Posted by zityz

Know what is depressing about this? The same thing that depressed me about the first one. They acknowledge all these awesome franchises that they just won't ever make sequels to. Now they've added in Vyse? I love sega but this is the best we'll get again seeing all the awesome characters they've made all those years that won't see games to anymore.

I can still dream though.

Posted by edeo

Sonic racing games just remind me of that god-awful hoverboard racing game they made. Pretty much uncontrollable and unplayable.

Posted by Masha2932

@Ricerx: He is being a good sport and using a car to be on an even footing with the other racers. :-)

Posted by SimonM7

@Ricerx: Same reason humans "need" skateboards or whatever. :P

Posted by Alex

@Ricerx: For the same reason that you can't walk through a drive-thru at a fast food restaurant.

Posted by UltimAXE

They seem to be digging into the Sega archives pretty deep this time, which is damn good to see. Hoping to see Axel with Blaze, Ristar, NiGHTS, and maybe some Vectorman. I could keep going, but let's not get crazy.

Posted by m2cks

@Ricerx: Let me answer your question with a question: why would Shadow use a gun?

Posted by krabboss

I played the first after hearing all the buzz about it being equal to or better than Mario Kart. It wasn't either of those things.

I hope this one is better.

Posted by captainanderson

@Ricerx said:

Why would Sonic need a car?

Because otherwise you get Sonic R, and no one wants that.

Posted by DrJota


Posted by Blunt

No Segata?

No buy.

Posted by Squall20XXuk

@vinsanityv22: Joe is in it and he has a nice red scarf trailing behind him the whole time! I saw the game at an event recently!

Posted by peritus

This would work as an arcade game, not as retail.

Posted by JackSukeru

Why would you have a car that changes into both a plane and a boat? Couldn't you just keep it as a plane and fly over the water?

Posted by SemiNormal

@krabboss: It's not that it wasn't "better than Mario Kart."

It's that being better than Mario Kart doesn't equate to "being a good game."

Posted by retsub101
Posted by ApexDefect

Actually doesn't seem too bad, really depends on how the transformations work in race.

Posted by VariantX

there's been like 3 trailers for this game and all of them CG. Id wish they'd show more in game footage as it does look pretty fun watching them demo the game.

Posted by Wikitoups

plainboatcar confirmed!

Posted by BabyChooChoo

If every Sonic game had dubstep, I'm pretty sure things would be a lot better...

Edited by Nintendude

@RockmanBionics said:

Why would you have a car that changes into both a plane and a boat? Couldn't you just keep it as a plane and fly over the water?

I'd presume that boat will be faster than a plane.

Edited by Nightfang

You know what would be really fun?, Capcom and Sega making a Sonic/Mega-Man crossover game!

Posted by confideration

In all seriousness my son got a ton of mileage out of the first game so we will probably be buying this.

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