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Posted by Discorsi


Posted by lordofultima

Man this game is saweet.

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

sucks this game come out right at the time when i'm broke. thanks a lot Sucker Punch

Posted by Dirty_Harry

looks good

Posted by Gav47

Can't wait

Posted by Grillbar

allways interesting when they go outside the box for ambiance

Posted by ZoRzEr

Might actually get a ps3 for this one.

Posted by Baggykins

That Zimmerman dude kindda reminds me of Sheldon from Big Bang :P

Posted by RadixNegative2

i like

Posted by Venatio

Cant wait for this game

Posted by Crono

Past the half-way point I swore I was watching a "Let's Tap" preview. XD

Posted by DarkFury

Amon Tobin.. the one and only.

Posted by bombHills

going to pick this up.

Posted by FoxMulder

definately got more interested in this game now!!!

Posted by KnifeySpoony

That was really interesting, I never get to see how they go about creating the music in games. Looks like a lot of fun.

DarkFury said:
Amon Tobin.. the one and only.

Where was he? I don't know what he looks like.
Posted by Origina1Penguin

This looks so good.

Music creation for movies and games has always interested me because I enjoy it far more than music with lyrics.  It's also way more creative, in my opinion.

Posted by hwarang

WOW i love the music!!!!

Posted by ParanoidFreak

This kind of looks like the PS3's response to Crackdown, I can't wait!

Posted by Ivanetc

wow this looks great.

seems like heaps of work was put into the atmosphere and music. really considering getting this now!

Posted by InFamous91

I also can't wait to sink my teeth into this game

Posted by DarkFury
@KnifeySpoony said:
KnifeySpoony said:
That was really interesting, I never get to see how they go about creating the music in games. Looks like ... [more]

The guy with the moustache and the flat cap hat.
Posted by DarkFury


Check this documentary out - it covers how he made his last album.
Edited by MordeaniisChaos

To be honest, I'm a little sick of the world being effected by some lame good/bad meter. Its time you do specific things, like protect a construction site, or do some repairing yourself.

The music is really quite excellent, but probably no where near as unique as most would think. Actually, its a very common thing to do. But they pulled it off really really well.

Posted by thefjk


Posted by Lemmingzx

Brb, buying a PS3.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Looks (and sounds) like a sweet game.

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

god, this game looks and sound so fuckin awesome

Posted by Redbullet685

This game looks so good, to bad I don't have a PS3. Still lookin forward to Prototype though.

Posted by MeatSim

I wonder how Crackdown 2 will be now.

Posted by KnifeySpoony
@DarkFury: Yeah, that album is really cool. I'm into that sort of sampling.
Posted by giyanks22

Looks really good...wish I had a PS3

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

What I don't like about this game is the electrical super powers, I'm really not sold on them. Other than that, I think it looks solid. I probably won't play it though.

Posted by eclipsesis
Baggykins said:
That Zimmerman dude kindda reminds me of Sheldon from Big Bang :P

i was thinking the exact same thing
Posted by DukesT3

They should also make another Sly Cooper.. that be cool. 

Posted by theMcNasty

It's about time the sound guys get some cred too.

Posted by ZmillA

amon tobin is working on it, so its pretty much guaranteed to be amazing.

Posted by skilzlost


Posted by Red

I think that seeing how sound design works in games is the most interesting than any other form of media. Whether it be that guy who composes in his car from Mythic, or BioWare closing a trash can to get the Sovereign sound for Mass Effect, it's always incredibly entertaining.

Posted by Under_Influenz

this game is going to be so sweet

Posted by GnsDemon

buying a ps3 because of this sweet game!!!

Posted by haytek

I think I'll buy this game on day one!

Posted by Theresonlyone

At 4:16 what instrument is that the one with chinese lettering.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
ZoRzEr said:
Might actually get a ps3 for this one.

I second that, up until this the only thing I wanted to play a PS3 for is MGS 4.
Posted by ahriman22

Amon Tobin? AMON TOBIN!?

Now it's defenitally worth getting.

Posted by TheAlarmist

This just keeps looking better and better.

Posted by MasterChief360

great music production

Posted by ZoRzEr
@BD_Mr_Bubbles: Yeah, only reason I would possibly get a PS3 is for MGS4 or if they make a remake of FF7... and this, wow thats actually almost makes me want a PS3
Posted by Renegade

Oh sandbox games, how I want to like you but just can't.

Posted by okuzy

this is a game I wish was on the xbox so bad

Posted by VegasAcer

Looking forward to it!

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