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Great review as always.

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The day is full of awesome videos, TANG still to come =D

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Wierd, I thought Brad hated this game.

It is really hard to convey sarcasm with text.
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This game rocks my socks.

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Awesome review!

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I'm stoked to play this one ... should be coming from GameFly today.  YAY!

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lot of fun ! sure is

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Best game i've played in a long, long time.

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Good show

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Great review. And this game is amazing. Cant stop playing . Thank You SuckerPunch.

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Wishing I had a PS3

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Game looks crazy can't wait to play it.

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Nice Review...Once again Brad...Nice Karate chops.

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sweet. now that the vid review is up, people can now shut the hell up about not having a vid review.

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Moral choices? And how does that work?

Great review, and I am getting this game this weekend. Can't wait!

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omg i just got this game today and it is so kick ass iv been playin it since 8 am so yeah i had to
give my ps 3 a break lol

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Im defiantly getting this game!

Great review!

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giyanks22 said:
Nice Review...Once again Brad...Nice Karate chops.
HAHAHAHAHA. I love you.
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I totally agree Brad been hooked on this since the demo.. nice review as always!

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Great review Brad. Makes me wish I had a PS3

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Nice video review, and I love this game.  I thought the demo was pretty cool but I wasn't so sure about putting down $60, but now playing the full game, I see there is so much more depth to the game, and it is totally worth the money.  It is amazing.

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This game is fantastic! Got it on tuesday and before I knew it I played it for 6 hours straight without so much as a bathroom break. I've basicly been playing it nonstop since and have been loving it all the more, especially now that the powers are insanely badass and the villains are ramped up equally to it.

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Love the link under the video that will take you to the page of the game quickly. Dunno when you updated this, but I missed this feature in the past.

And Infamous looks like a game that with some other ones, could be a good reason to buy a PS3, if you have time to invest in them.
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Wish this was on 360.  Sadly, I don't have a PS3.

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Finally a PS3 game I want. Too bad the thing is still hella pricey.

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Great review, very tempted to pick up a PS3 now.

The Evil character design looks awesome.

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great review! my copy is here tomorrow

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Great review for what looks to be a great game.  The demo was bad ass

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I love this site.

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Sweet,  I think from now on I'm sticking with Giantbomb for reviews. No math nonsense, it  just seems to be pure opinion and honest reaction - the way it should be. 

As for Infamous,  I totally love it.  I wouldn't mind an actual graphic novel to go along with it.
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I'm so happy this is finally up Ive been looking forward to this all week.

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wow brad u really let ur self go

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I want a game build around a guy with fire super powers next.

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Man, this game looks good. Too bad my copy has  not arrived yet.

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Infamous Game of the Year!

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I guess I'm getting it. SOLD.

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Im so close to renting a PS3 just for this.

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Need to get a PS3, this looks like a bad ass game.

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One of the best video reviews I've seen in a long time. Amazinly honest, intellegent and well cut.
This is the sort of stuff that makes people populate towart GiantBomb.

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I want that jacket

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Awesome review Brad!

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TheRealDJ said:
This game is fantastic! Got it on tuesday and before I knew it I played it for 6 hours straight ... [more]
Same thing happened to me, my plan was to check out the game, then install the Uncharted 2 beta.  Three days later and I still haven't touched Uncharted 2.  I can't recommend this game enough.
Posted by DukeEdwardI

Game looks amazing.  I suppose it's about time I got myself a PS3, eh?

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@Cynic04:   yeah  I started playing last night and the next time I looked at the clock it was almost 3 am.  I can't wait to start over and play evil.

oh and,  can you even download the Uncharted beta yet? I thought it didn't start until June 3.
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Man I love this game, just finishing up the 2nd island, and I'm sure to play through it again

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Am I the only one that thinks this game is extremely similar to Crackdown?  Obviously the characters/powers are totally different, but all the game structure, the way the islands are designed, the hunting missions, and a lot of the climbing feel identical to Crackdown.  It'd sware they were made by the same developer.  Crackdown did decently, I wonder if this is unofficially its sequel in some weird way?

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who gives a shit if its similar to Crackdown or not. as long as the game is fun and is awesome...who gives a fuck. so unlike you, im going to buy this game and enjoy playing it because i have a ps3, and cleary you don't. so you can go ahead and say whatever that makes you feel better about not getting to play this game.  
Posted by Milkman

This game is nothing like Crackdown. Shut up people.