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looks alright but why do angels need guns, THERE FREAKIN ANGELS!

Posted by Agent47CSim2

The animations look awfull in my opinion

Posted by subrandom

So wait is this a port or what?

Posted by Colin

Meh looks... meh....

Posted by Deusoma

"I'm going to pass."

Posted by CowMuffins

This looks awful.

Posted by LordKorax

The original game was so flawed that I stopped playing after a couple hours. I doubt any of that will be fixed.

Posted by Oni

What the shit? This game came out on PC like, over 2 years ago? Whu? It's also not very good. So, pass.

Posted by Milkman

This game is so metal.

Posted by Mawryk

Looks bad.  Already been done on PC?  Did poorly on PC?  Hey, I know, port a crappy version to the XBox!

Posted by Media_Master

no WAY

Posted by RiddleBrother


Oh wait, this isn't a last generation Playstion 2 shooter?

Oh. Well fuck that noise.

Posted by Gump
@subrandom said:
" So wait is this a port or what? "
It's Infernal for the XBOX 360.
Posted by gamer812

Played this on the PC a long time ago.  It was awful back then, and it'll probably be awful today.

Posted by InFamous91

the pc verison sucks

Posted by trav3ler

Looks choppy and meh.  Very poor animation, doesn't look fluid at all.

Here's hoping they fix that, the first Infernal had awesome graphics.
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@Oni said:
" What the shit? This game came out on PC like, over 2 years ago? Whu? It's also not very good. So, pass. "
@RiddleBrother said:
"Well fuck that noise. "

What these guys said.

Posted by squidracerX

yeah i got this game for like $4.99 on PC at GoGamer.com a few months back, still haven't played it, but it doesn't look like its worth much more than $4.99... Then this had a different subtitle (Hells Vengeance) so i thought it would be a different game, but NOPE its the SAME game that came out to low scores in 2007!!!? I guess a port to Xbox was easy, not worth the $$ to port it to PS3, plus it looks like butt. Should have just thrown on motion control and made it a Wii game instead...

Posted by MeatSim

Wait this is a two year old PC game why is this coming out now?

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HOLY EFF! This looks like pew pew!

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i think i would rather play we cheer 2

Posted by Psych0Penguin

I seriously thought it was a good PSP game. Whoops!

Posted by linfosoma

God, I've played this game on the PC, it looked OK (I guess) but it was soooo bad.
Awful story and gameplay.

Posted by Artemis_D

Not falling for that, again.