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Edited by Xanadu

Looks cool!


I came, I saw, I conquered!

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Is this True Crime 3?

*checks wiki page*

Yeah, it is.

Posted by Hugh_Jazz

Doesn't look bad at all. I'm assuming I'm wrong, though.

Posted by Dourin

The story sounds interesting, and a lot of that voice acting seemed serviceable, but that is some stiff-assed animation going on all over. Makes the game appear to be much lower quality than it probably is. I mean, aside from the completely blank, emotionless faces, the way the characters' bodies animate just looks real rough.

Posted by Kaibar

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I really enjoyed the previous True Crime games. Yes, even the second one.

Hope this turns out good!

Posted by ScoreSetter

@AlexanderSheen said:

Is this True Crime 3?

*checks wiki page*

Yeah, it is.

Good call. I was thinking GTA Hong Kong, but that seems more on the mark of course. Here's hoping that combat is as fun to control as Batman.

Posted by MikeGosot

The game looks pretty interesting, i'm just worried that the mechanics of the game (Melee, parkour and shooting) may not go too well together... Also, i don't want to hear them speaking, well... English.

Posted by Oldirtybearon


Man, this looks a lot better than I expected it to be. Definitely on my radar.

Posted by buhssuht

not the dog i was thinking

Posted by Rasmoss

Given how pedestrian the facial animations are, they should probably have focused less on them.

Posted by Coafi

The cover art looks pretty neat. Is the protagonist voiced by Troy Baker? Say it ain't so!

Posted by Cleric

Love the setting. Really looking forward to this.

Posted by Aegon
@Coafi said:

The cover art looks pretty neat. Is the protagonist voiced by Troy Baker? Say it ain't so!

It's definitely not Baker. 
Posted by HarlequinRiot

Some of the voice acting and faces (models, not animation; a few seem a bit more stylistically real than your usual video game people) are pretty good.

Posted by Nycalexdunk

@Kaibar: Hey man I'm right there with you I enjoyed both of them primarily for their street crimes that were ever present Im hoping that those are still going to be available even though your undercover. Because L.A. Noire's st crimes just didnt do it for me. But two was one of my favorite game cube games.

Posted by NoCookiesForYou

I'm really liking the premise, but i'm worried that the gameplay won't be able to back it up.

Posted by Yorec

Well its no longer a True Crime game, which is unfortunate because the first one was actually pretty decent. The wiki page says that Square didn't buy the rights to the True Crime name. Still looks interesting though.

Posted by Rirse

Wished it went back to the original idea for this game where it had a female main character before it got retooled.

Posted by CaLe

I burned myself out on these types of movies so I wonder if a game will work..

Posted by blacklab

Wow, looks great! How in the heck did this get cancelled? I really enjoyed True Crime LA.


... From the guys who brought you Modnation Racers...!

Edited by Mumrik

That came off sort of stiff and awkward to me...

Bonus points for James Hong though

Posted by outerabiz

got bored halfway through the trailer, guess this game isn't for me.

Posted by ChernobylCow

Good cover art.

Posted by buttpork89

Wow, have never seen palm trees in Hong Kong before. Guess I must be living somewhere else. -_-

Posted by Enigma777

Is... Is that Nolan North.

Edited by Jimbo


Posted by themangalist

This is my dream game. GTA sandbox game set in my hometown. Kinda weird seeing the "Western" attempt at HK though, I definitely chuckled when they said the giant crime syndicate is "Sun On Yee", and in real HK, "Sun Yee On" is one of the biggest triad in Hong Kong.

Posted by Brodehouse
@Mumrik: Totally was waiting for James Hong to show up!
Posted by Gaff

Feels a bit like Infernal Affairs (undercover cop whose sympathies may or may not lie with the triads)?


According to the developers, he's based off Leonardo Dicaprio's character in the movie The Departed.


Posted by themangalist

@Gaff said:

According to the developers, he's based off Leonardo Dicaprio's character in the movie The Departed.


They chose the inferior version of the movie! >:(

Posted by hawkinson76

Looks and sounds like a True Crime game alright.

That's too bad.

Posted by Phatmac

How the fuck did they release this? Look at that facial animation! This looks terrible!

Posted by Terrents

Why all the hate. It looks decent :/

Posted by Itwastuesday


Posted by Sackmanjones

Game looks neat but I'm sorry the name is stupid. Don't believe me? Say it out loud to yourself.

Edited by dcgc

If this has chinese voice-acting with english subtitles, I'm totally in. Like in Metro 2033, you could have russian voice-acting with the english subtitles.

Posted by Subjugation

They couldn't come up with a better name? The rest looks decent, but "Sleeping Dogs"?

Posted by billyhoush

This looks really mediocre like a True Crime game...oh wait

Posted by abdo

"Feels like the game has changed"

You sly dog.

Posted by Pezen

What I wouldn't give to have the voices be Cantonese instead of English.

Posted by Duffyside


... looks neat.

Posted by theillusiveman0

Why does this remind of alpha protocol?


Really looking forward to this game, been looking forward to it sense it was first called True Crime

Posted by Maxtown

@abdo said:

"Feels like the game has changed"

You sly dog.

Too bad I can't give some sort of thumbs up, ah well.

Posted by Andorski

This game is going strong with the Asian stereotypes.

Edited by Stahlbrand

Hmm, I could go for an Asian crime game.

I'm glad they didn't go with 'Chinese-accented English" but I would sooner play with subs if it is available.

Hope it turns out.

Posted by sublime90

this could be good. im keeping an eye on you

Posted by Mikular

Not digging this, seems a little stale and the setting doesn't inspire.

Posted by sate2801

buying this because I saw my home in the trailer

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