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Posted by Erik

Love FF, can't wait for this game!

Posted by Heti

Haha that guy just does not fit in to a final fantasy anything

Posted by theWarren

Seems like they want to connect to the western audience more.  I think the Leona Lewis theme shows that as well.

Posted by ArchV1le

 Duder, who is that duder?

Posted by swamplord666

loved the end! Oh you whipersnapper! You had me going for a second there *The loving group laughs all together*

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Posted by artofwar420

I want to join your cult sir.

Posted by CommodoreGroovy

Bet that guy has no idea what he's even talking about. 

Posted by ZmillA

lmao, the cheese factor is..is delicious!

Posted by Griddler

It still seems weird to me that Leona Lewis is doing the theme.

Posted by Vincenzo
Um. It's still all Hentai to me. Nobody cares. This video is dumb. Is the fact that this guy didn't shave for the video considered a "western theme" as well?
Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Compelling @ 0:47.
Was kind of expecting it at least once in such a cheesy video.

Posted by Crabcraft

So is that the 3rd of September or the 9th of March?

Posted by artofwar420

"They didn't tell me" "OH GOD LET ME OUT OF HERE AHHH!!"

Posted by bonbolapti

That was was the smuggest fucking thing I've ever watched.
Posted by Bunnyman

The Japanese gentleman speaking in English had to fight keep his laughter down. Guess he too saw how silly this would come out. (Sure, If I had actually played a FF game I might have felt differently.)

Posted by Tatimus

After this, the AC2 mma vid,  and Dragon Age, I'm not sure that the video game industry doesn't need to do a gigantic purging of every marketing dept. out there.

Posted by Mister_Snig

No goddamn idea what's going on in the gameplay video, but I'm probably buying this regardless.
Also, I hate that guy.

Posted by MeatSim

That whole thing was pretty ridiculous.

Posted by Tatimus

Also - nice n64 grass texture they've got there. Jesus christ.

Posted by kerikxi

Most anticipated game ever? That already came out Tuesday.

Posted by MauveForest

That was a weird video.

Posted by Hostile

If God of War III comes out on March as well... holy shit.

Posted by Jtan21

I feel like that could be the presentation before a virtual reality ride/game at Disney Quest.

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SomeGuy is actually a very good Rock Band drummer.
2 internets to whoever knows what the hell I'm talking about...

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yes!!!!!  can`t wait 

Posted by Afroman269

Jeff is right, I'm getting a Scientology vibe from this.

Posted by ajamafalous

Lol at that guy. Had a smug asshole/douchebag vibe to him.

Posted by aurahack

Bah ha, too unimportant to tell you the release date. Silly pawn.

Posted by JakJ
@ajamafalous: Glad I'm not the only one getting that vibe. At first I thought I was seeing the Giant Douche from South Park.
Posted by pepper

It takes a big ego for a commercial to be THAT stuck up its own ass.

Posted by JakJ
@theWarren: Of course they do. They're desperate for it to. It's gonna be our $$$ that keep them at their jobs.
Posted by tineyoghurt

Final Fantasy Za-Tin!

Posted by geirr

*dusts himself off*
Maybe it's due to my age, but BACK IN THE DAYS when I played FF1 and so on
these games had the same story structure but it was layered ontop of little pixels with big heads
who could only show some basic emotes, half of which were cryptic and left up to you to decipher;
To me, somehow, it was much easier to forgive and a hell of a lot easier to enjoy.
This does -not- seem like reinventing themselves, as they here preach, it's just like seeing
your old favourite cartoon seemingly badly "Hollywooded" with amazing CG stuff..
"Aahh, go get your walker, y'fossil!"

Posted by Media_Master

So FF13 vs. God of War 3 in the month of March.

Posted by MetalGearFlaccid

Who the hell is that?
I picture him as some homeless English-speaker lost in Japan, desperate for money. Square kidnapped him, and forced him to do the trailer. Way more interesting than what the truth probably is.

Posted by Fleafa

Man, I don't care who he is, but I'd love to punch him in the face. Repeatedly. 

Posted by AleM

I don't get why Square-Enix still bothers to bring an english-version song of the main theme to the american and european versions of Final Fantasy XIII. I don't know if everyone agrees with me, but I would like to have anything the original version (the japanese one) has! Okay, you can put some other things in the other versions, but don't take anything out! With blu-ray technology I think it's fairly possible to keep things like japanese voices and original songs, right?

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Posted by VilhelmNielsen

What... the... fuck?

Posted by hagridore

Most ridiculous video ever?

Posted by Pedro

Awwww what It comes out in America on the 9th of march 2010 but not out in Europe till the 3rd of September 2010!!! Dam you square!!!! (Its a joke... About how americans write the date differently...)

Posted by Bigandtasty

Some Guy is the future of video game previews.

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Posted by AllanIceman

So is this where I sign up for the Scientology?

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That guy is perfect for deadpan/sardonic comedies. Just don't tell him what is really going on.

Posted by Xeiphyer

Awesome! I want =D 
Also, I have been curious what my theten level is.. =P

Posted by RVonE

WTF? EU and NA get an entirely different theme song than JP? That's terrible. I'd say that is even worse than settling for the usual bad English renditions of the Japanese originals. I really wonder if Square-Enix will surprise us and include the entire Japanese voice track (including the original theme songs "Because You're Here" and "Eternal Love"). I mean, this Leona Lewis song was not even written for this game.