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Lego my legos

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"Where it gets dark"?

I wonder what an M-rated Lego game would be like.

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Well there's that Grant Theft Lego game coming up, so maybe we'll find out soon.

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Dear reader!

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so underwhelmed its almost unreal.

Posted by ThePilgrums

Well bless my nippers. Bless them all day long.

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If only it really were the end of Harry Potter. I got no beef with LEGO.

Posted by Levio

Spoiler alert! Ron kills Dumbledore.

Posted by FoxMulder

Played the shit out of the first, will do so with this one!

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Love me some Lego games.

Posted by pubbles

Not ashamed to say it, I'm probably gonna be buying this.

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Dude, LEGO throws dark!

Posted by Philzpilz

Gotta say, that hyped me more than any of the movie trailers ever did...

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As someone who spent the majority of his life in prison, what happened with Legos?  They used to be simple.
Posted by WinterSnowblind

@Ghostin: They almost went bankrupt, but were saved by their Bionacle line (which were more complicated mech type sets, aimed at older kids) and their licensed Star Wars sets. They still make simpler things, but there's been a huge push towards movie licenses and such.

The games are excellent though. All pretty much reskins of one another, but they're a lot of fun to play on co-op, especially if you have young ones, and there's always a ridiculous amount of unlockables. Not the deepest gaming experience you'll have, but some good fan to be had for sure.

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Ah, I'm sorry.  It was just a quote from a TV show.  Yeah the last Lego game was a lot better than the few before it... so we'll see if this one continues the trend.
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Still haven't finished Years 1-4, but this seems neat!

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Dark Lego: "when it all comes apart.... they don't get put back together!"

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@ThePilgrums said:

Well bless my nippers. Bless them all day long.

I'm a pot of coffe by day, bottle of wine by night kind of guy.

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Anything with Emma Watson in; Lego form or not. Will do me just fine :-)

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I'm glad they're making another LEGO game. Good, enjoyable fun for the whole family!

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cant wait for this to get released, will be my third game ive worked on. hope you all like it

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S-Rank'd the first one, imagine I'll do the same with this once it hits reasonable price levels. Also, I had read somewhere it's out 11/15, but didn't see a date on the trailer.

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i just wanna see the LEGO deaths in this game.

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I like the Lego games but I started to feel like I'd had my fill with Pirates of the Caribbean. I'll pick this one up though, since Years 1-4 stood out as one of the better Lego games. Being a bit of a Harry Potter nerd helps I suppose...

These games are good for playing with non-gaming family members.

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Sugar and spice, this trailer is everything nice

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@Ghostin said:

As someone who spent the majority of his life in prison, what happened with Legos? They used to be simple.

Thanks to community, now everyone thinks you've been in prison all your life.

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Is it bad that I still like playing theae games??? I have not picked up Lego: Piratea,
yrt, but only due to the price. I feel like for as short as these games are they may be only worth like $20 or $30 at most. I am not saying that the games are lower tier games, they jyst tend to be pretty Short and somewht disposible experiences. I may jump on the last Lego: HP game!

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Needs more Luna.