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It's really coming! Hail to the King :P

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so close :(

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OHHH :( dammit

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Still won't believe it until it's on store shelves. :)  
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Created this back in the day, glad it finally has a place.
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Can't. Fucking. Wait. This almost seems unreal.

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I like the trailer, but I hate the music. Missing the late nineties, early 2000 in it. Need more Lock & Rock & Roll, baby!

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Groovy! This time around Duke better brings plenty of gum ;)

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iTS TIME@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I will not allow myself to get excited for this game. I don't think I can handle the disappointment.

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I won't believe it's real until I'm halfway through the game.

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The graphics look washed out.

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Oh yeahhh!
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*generic "I've made up my mind that this game will suck, regardless of actual quality"/"I'd care if I were 12, now show me a man's game with elves and giant swords, dammit" comment*

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I'm expecting an ok shooter... but really that is all I want from Duke. Well that and some babes... Hail to the king.
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I can't wait to step on some aliens!

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This is impossible. It can't be true. How can I believe anything if this game comes out?
On a more serious note, whether the game is good or not probably doesn't matter at all. At the very least, you'll have a conversation starter.

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This, and Serious Sam 3... this summer is gonna have a lot of alien splatter and no cover systems. It's strange that is somehow a refreshing switch.

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This game has mediocre written all over it. Hail to the king of nostalgia, baby!

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Mickey Avalon? That was unexpected.

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I really, really hope this game is great. Not because I'm interested, but for the story.
Also, I hope that all of the humour is supposed to be ironic

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I keep trying to convince my non-gamer friends that games have come a long way and that they aren't just a bunch of dick jokes and tits flying around...  
I don't think I have an argument any longer. 

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Goddamn this game is going to be absolutely fucking retarded and juvenile all the way through. 
I cannot wait. I'm getting sick of all these serious shooters. Bulletstorm showed me that. 
I want some fucking dumb in my game.

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I don't care how bad it is, I'm going to play through the whole thing and laugh and laugh and laugh and have fun... because... VIDEO GAMES!  Yeah! 
So, when does the first DNF sound board come out?

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Awesome trailer! Come get some!

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Goddamn this game is going to be awesome.

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This game isn't coming out duders. I hate to break it to you.

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All I really want from this game is a mediocre or better throwback shooter with lots of boobs and stupidity. And judging from the trailer, it'll deliver exactly that. Can't wait to give it a shot

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I feel kind of dirty for being excited about this game...

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I don't think people liked Duke3D because it had 2-frame animations of tits. Dunno why they're pushing it so hard this time. Oh well. At least I'm seeing a lot of the classic weapons.

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So. Fucking. CLOSE.

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Its not generic militarily shooter that's for sure, It may be over the top, sexist and crude, but that's exactly what it wants to be.

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I wish all the best to Duke. I really can't predict how this game will turn out,

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3D Realms getting some credit for this game or what?  
I think this game will live or die based on how gamers used to Call of Duty take to its multiplayer mode. 

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I just hope you can still wander along the wall pressing the action button and get "UH UH....where is it?".

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Someone has to say it: Always bet on Duke!
Also, I really don't care how bad it is, just expecting some retarded fun.

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Weren't Borderlands owners on Steam supposed to get a beta version beforehand? Did that happen yet?

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is this really coming out?!

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Pre-order receipt looks like a 18th century treasure map now.

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Maybe if we keep putting boobs in the trailers at 15 second increments, people will not notice the rest of the game!

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@Jack268 said:
Weren't Borderlands owners on Steam supposed to get a beta version beforehand? Did that happen yet?
Tomorrow I think.
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There is something just kinda "fuck yeah" about Duke Nukem Forever finally being released. It doesn't matter if it's mediocre, out-dated and juvenile; the fact that the people involved, including the chaps over at Gearbox, refused to let it die is just such a testament to their love for Duke and those early days of FPSes. Back when they were still called "Doom clones."
Hail to the King.

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Can't wait.