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That dubstep gun is fucking awesome!

Posted by sixtycade

Saints Row is now Prototype with comedic pizzazz

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Well fuck, that's me even more excited. Which is some feat because I was already pumped

Posted by vikingdeath1

I recognized that intersection at Friendly Fire! man I played alot of SR3...

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Alright. I started laughing as soon as the music kicked in. Fantastic.

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The dubstep gun is everything I've ever wanted and more. God bless you, Volition.

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Add another to the mile long list of game trailers that cut away just as our hero jumps up to attack the giant enemy.

Posted by SupernormalStep

still disappointed that it's pretty much the same city as before. But this preview has gotten me more excited about the gameplay parts at least.

Posted by Osaladin

Oh man, that dubstep gun.

Posted by crusader8463

First time I got to see the Dubstep gun in action and I must say I'm not disappointed. That said, those super powers seem like they are going to be more powerful than any of the guns in the game so I foresee them either saving all the powers until the last little bit of the game or me never using the guns. I enjoy the SuperSpeed power though. Seeing it reminded me of playing City of Heroes and how fun it was to just fly/run/jump around the city.

Posted by ZedsDeadBaby

"You should really play Saints Row"

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The pixel lava rain at the end was a nice touch.

Posted by MachoFantastico

I could be picky, but the dubstep gun sold me.

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Wow, those 2 guns are so great. If all the weapons are like that I will be impressed.

This actually seems much better than I was expecting and looks like a lot of fun.

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Okay.. I laughed at the Dubstep gun portion. I'm not proud. But I did.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Ok if you're gonna turn Saints Row into an InFamous/Prototype hero game I now have a whole new reason to play and enjoy Saints Row, I hope that stuff is available to you at all times. The Third really rubbed me the wrong way but this could be really good.

Posted by Efesell

Baby you had me at dubstep gun.

Posted by Draxyle

Man.. that dubstep gun is so brilliantly dumb. I don't even know where the franchise can go from here.

And kudos to the guy for the completely straight delivery, makes it even funnier.

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I want it!

Posted by Sergotron

Yup... Still buying this.

Posted by phuzzybunny

That music is good

Posted by lightsoda

Take all my money!

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I wasn't too impressed from their other trailer but man, that wubwubwubwubwub gun.

Posted by BaneFireLord

I worry that the super powers are going to negate any need/desire to use the vehicles. Otherwise, looks like a dumb good time.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

Okay, now I feel a lot better about this game.

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That fucking dubstep gun.


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If that monster truck visible at 01:04 is drivable then they've got themselves a sale. Yeah... like I wasn't getting it the second it was announced.

... and now I'm another 30 seconds in, my dreams have become reality.

Posted by DM

Man, looks so damn good.DUB STEP GUN! wubwubwubwub

Posted by The_Nubster

Okay.. I laughed at the Dubstep gun portion. I'm not proud. But I did.

There's no shame. They own it and play it straight, which is the only way that joke can work.

Posted by Kung_Fu_Viking

You can definitely tell this was originally going to be DLC...

Posted by wariomona

This has actually made me feel worse towards this game. Everything they're showing looks exactly the same as The Third: same city, vehicles, interface, clothing, pedestrians, etc. I do hope the story missions in this end up being great because that'll be the only thing that might be able to drag me in.

Posted by jimmyfenix

ugh :/

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This looks awesome. Also Troy Baker

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Looks like a Saints Row 3 DLC. Mediocre.

Posted by Reisz

Dubstep Gun for President.

Posted by Elwoodan

I saw this at pax but I can honestly say I don't remember much of it, what a crazy weekend.... Still looks awesome, the superpowers thing especially, the ice and movement stuff just looks like a ton of fun.

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@banefirelord said:

I worry that the super powers are going to negate any need/desire to use the vehicles. Otherwise, looks like a dumb good time.

There are superpowers when you drive!!!!!!!!! And/or fly a helicopter.

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Buying GTA5 and this, because both are kickass.

Posted by LTSmash

Saints Row Menu Music Hail to the Chief

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Thought it looked super uninteresting up until the super powers were shown. Super powers are cool.

Novelty guns like the dubstep gun and the inflator guns look super boring. I like weapons that let you be creative in how you use them and interact with the world. These are just "haha I shot at the guy and his head went big and blew up haha. Lets do that again.". Funny for about the first 5 times you use them. The real hilarity in games comes from being able to manipulate the world in cool ways like blowing up buildings in RF:G using remote charges and the sledgehammer only to have the building fall on top of you.

The open world in saints row always seems so lifeless and dull compared to stuff like GTA4 and aspects of RF:G.

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Desperado-styled guitar rocket launchers? SOLD!

Posted by Zevvion

You can definitely tell this was originally going to be DLC...

If you can say that about this, you can pretty much say that about any sequel this generation.

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So this game is basically everything I wanted but thought was lacking from superhero type open world games, particularly Infamous, and with all the Saints Row humor on top of it?

Fuck yeah!

Posted by Downloaded

This. Looks. Wicked.

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Take my money!!!!!

Posted by SgtSphynx

Been sold on this for a while, but I need to know one thing...

Is the British voice still an option?

Also, I doubt you can, but it would be cool if you could make that mech do the robot in game and not just in the complete screen.

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Where's the 'rocket launcher guitar case' stance?

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SR4 is looking ok but kinda looks like they are walking a fine line between awesome a falling up its own ass.Hopefully it remains as fun, clever, and bat shit insane as SR3 was and not turn into something that's just dumb. The interface looks a little too similar for what I might have wanted or expected but still looking forward to it... cant wait to see more.