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Keep on rockin', star

Posted by dvorak

That actually looks halfway decent. I wish they'd do this for ps3/360.

Posted by Chris2KLee

I remember playing this game for the first time. Totally blew my mind. Can't believe it has been ten years.

Posted by NakAttack

I thought this said "100th anniversary" I need to go to bed

Posted by smiddy

I got this and a PS2 for my birthday when it came out. Some of my happiest memories. I couldn't believe it, a massive world to explore and I could do anything I wanted.

So of course I killed some hookers.

Posted by Lokno

GTA 3: The game that created "jank"

Posted by Sooty

10 years on and we are left with GTA games that aren't as fun as their predecessors.

Saints Row 3 looks to be the San Andreas of this gen.

Posted by Anlino

It blows my mind that ten years have passed. Fuck.

Posted by Th3_James

I fucking loved this game.

Edited by gregoryc

I remember getting GTA III when it was released - it's hard to imagine its been 10 years...

Posted by lockwoodx

No RDR for PC means Rockstar has been dead to me for quite a while, but I still cherish my Vice City soundtrack box.

Posted by ABritishNerd

@dvorak said:

That actually looks halfway decent. I wish they'd do this for ps3/360.

Same here, I'm guessing that would take up a lot of time though, I'd rather have GTA V.

Edited by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

  Gamersgate has the entire GTA collection for under €14.
And of course, ENB and iCEnhancer mods.

Posted by Potter9156

GTAIII still has the best video game trailer/commercial.

Rockstar, remake GTAIII, VC, and SA on the RAGE engine with updated graphics and controls and junk, and I'll give you all of my money.

Posted by Abendlaender

"Thank you for all your support"

That's why were bringing this for the iPad and don't make a version for the plattforms that helped GTA to become what it is today.

Thank's rockstar

Posted by kalmis

GTA 3 was and still is awesome.  
I always think of this song when I think of GTA3, even though this was only featured in Liberty City Stories: 

Posted by Gnubberen

This was the first PS2 game I played... Was a pretty fucking awesome way to be introduced to a new generation of consoles.

Posted by 234r2we232

...and then proceeded to make the exact same game for another decade, while peaking at the second game. Go away, Rockstar :|

Posted by MeatSim

Oh man, I am starting to get old.

Posted by nohthink

So... I still don't understand. I get that it's 10th anniversary but... are they re-releasing the game? Or are they just saying "hey, it has been 10 years"?

Posted by RuthLoose

Totally remember picking up this game on launch day at my local EB Games and hearing the cashier tell me that I was one of three pre-orders for the game. A huge grin crept across my face upon realizing what exactly I had just purchased before everyone else picked up on the game.

Posted by babblinmule

I suddenly feel old.

Posted by BulletproofMonk

@nohthink: They're making an iPad version of it.

Posted by RedRocketWestie

@Abendlaender said:

"Thank you for all your support"

That's why were bringing this for the iPad and don't make a version for the plattforms that helped GTA to become what it is today.

Thank's rockstar

Because people already have it for those platforms.

Posted by frostyxc

They should do an "Old Look" video with this game... or I guess it's called "Load Our Last Save". I'm not good with remembering titles. Anyway, this would be enjoyable to revisit.

Posted by ckeats

I can't wait to see how many stupid ways I fuck up a mission thanks to stupid iPad controls. I got one of those Fring joypads so that should help with the driving at least.

Posted by MjHealy

I can remember when I got this game for my then new PS2. Looking back on it, I was too young to be playing that game, they have made me into the model adult I am.

Posted by jmood88

That voice acting is a lot worse than I remember it being.

Posted by jmood88

"Thank you for all your support"

That's why were bringing this for the iPad and don't make a version for the plattforms that helped GTA to become what it is today.

Thank's rockstar

The sense of entitlement that most gamers have annoy the shit out of me.
Posted by craigymail

I shall be literally shocked if they don't release it on every other platform imaginable!

Posted by Aarny91

Weird that it has been that long.

Posted by SomeJerk


Posted by xCharlieSheen

Thanks so much for reminding me just how fast time fly's.

Posted by Cybexx

I played so much GTA3, me and a friend played it every weekend for a full year. Yes it is the least refined of the PS2 GTAs because it was the first out the gate but I still think it was so damn fun and revolutionary despite its issues.

Posted by DharmaBum

O mio babbino carrrrrrrro!

Man I remember seeing the original ad back in 2001 having no idea what this game would eventually become.

Posted by Terry_Towelling

I always liked the Indian cab driver who shouted "Get in the back!" when you jacked his car. HAPPY DAYS.

Posted by fraser

Jesus. I can't even begin to express the amount of nostalgia I have invested in this game.

Just the best thing ever.

Posted by itsjoncharles

Love this game and haven't play it for AGES so, maybe, at some point, I'll play it again.

Posted by theveej

Vice city is still the best GTA game

Posted by csl316

Ah.... memories.

Posted by LostFlock

Wow, ten years already...

Posted by Tamaster92

Wow 10 years? I remember this game selling me on the ps2 when it still cost ridiculously high amounts of money, gets me excited for gta v too

Posted by HatKing

It would have been great if they gave it the Halo anniversary treatment and did an full HD remake... and remaking the controls; I can't go back to the old ways.

Anyway, awesome game. I have tons of memories in that entire franchise.

Posted by AlmostSwedish

@theveej said:

Vice city is still the best GTA game

Nope. Chuck Te.. I mean San Andreas.

Posted by steelknight2000

Man those graphics do NOT hold up.

Edited by twelve1784

I played this on PC with mouse and keyboard and my friends couldn't handle the thought of not using a controller. Also playing on PC allowed me to use mods and change the game data to allow me to do things like... make the tank handle like a sports car.

On a side note, I was once interested in Dead Island, now I have nothing but scorn for it.

Posted by DrRandle

Ten years later and I still think these games are pretty awful.

Edited by Thiago123

One of my college roomates had just gotten a PS2 when this game came out, but never got a memory card. I started playing the game and I just left the PS2 on pause for hours at a time for several days before beating it. When he finally got a card and went on to play the game the disc was ruined. (To be fair, I did ask if he was cool with it as it was happening and he said yes and declined my offer to purchase a new one. I would later go on to take a floor lamp which might have been his when I moved out) Had a great time later on replaying it on Xbox with the Vice City double pack and San Andreas subsequently.

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Edited by Regal

@steelknight2000 said:

Man those graphics do NOT hold up.

Well considering its been 10 years I'd say they do hold up remarkably well.

Remember that 10 years is a millennia in video game years - it's shocking that we even recognize that as graphics at all and not some random sequence of flashing colours.

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