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Jeff and Jars, it's a dream come true.

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So it's basically vyou? Cool?

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Where do we send questions to?

Edit: Oh, never mind!

Really liked the talk about being more well-rounded.

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Omg, has Points!! Returned??

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Wow okay!

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Money well spent!

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"Dig Deeper into Jeff Gerstmann"

...damn right I will!

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Where's PC time with Dave & Vinny?!

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The points popping up made this! Money well spent!

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What a jarring departure from the usual Giant Bomb content.

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Last time I saw a video with a man and a glass jar I was seriously disturbed.

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Dig Deeper into Jeff Gerstmann.

Well, if you insist.

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Seems like awesome Sub content, highly approved.

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So you could say...One Man One Jar?

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the words [PREMIUM] in front of the video still looks a little silly to me, guess its just a matter of getting used to it.

Good to see subscribers getting some extras though.

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holy crap, 50 minutes

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The strange thing is this isn't the first time I've seen Jeff drink out of a jar...

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Jeff and Jars! Fuck yeah!

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Take more of my money.

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I paid $50 a year for the privilege to watch a fat white man talk into a camera?

Money well spent.

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This time you aren't?

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this is exactly the stuff that i want from my sub! awesome thanks :D

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Dig deeper into jeff gerstmann?


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From the points blog to a website built around points then back to points.

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@Metal_Mills: I'm still trying to pick up the pieces of my sanity after that one.
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Ghetto-ass Q&A with Jeff and jars from his lounge. I guess this is what I'm paying for now...

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Sega Saturn, in stores now.

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@damswedon said:

From the points blog to a website built around points then back to points.

Ok, everyone keeps mentioning points and I don't get the reference. Someone want to key me in?

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Wait, so this isn't a video in which Jeff teaches me Java?

I'm incredibly disappointed.

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hahahahah awesome LOVE the point report reference! :D

keep it up jeff it was really good.

hopefully you can keep this up even though the fall season is coming up.

[edit] wow great last bit, that was really good advice and well grounded!! :)

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Is there going to be an audio version of these?

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@FrenchFriedFool said:

Dig Deeper into Jeff Gerstmann.

Well, if you insist.

Seeing that made me laugh too hard.

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Hey duder, why are you drinking from a jar?

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I have only one jar-based drinking device. I like it because it has a handle on the side, it's more of a flagon with a jar top. Stole it from a nautically-themed restaurant.

Left a big tip, though, so it evens out.

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50 mins! FUCK YES!

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This is exactly the kind of content I am looking for :) Thanks Jeff, you turned a shitty day at work into something awesome.

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Sweet intern video, Jeff. Can't wait to see more!