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Awesome job Jeff. I love this behind the site stuff.

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This was really cool Jeff.

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This was excellent. Keep the premium content coming!

P.S: Thank you, Jeff.

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Excellent advice on the last question, Jeff. Couldn't have said it better myself.

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That was epic !

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How do you feel about this culture being co-opted by the mainstream?

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Been trying to coment on stuff more so you guys get some feed back, but seeing as ts a new thing thanks for this stuff its great

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Re: Reviewing more games. I'm glad you are doing sports games reviews and I'd like to see RPG reviews, but otherwise please stay really selective what you guys cover. I've loved it so far.

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Did he just say "Donkey Knog is Brad?" I knew it!

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I definitely need to get out of this chair more often and drink from a jar more often as well.

It's kind of crazy, but I don't think I actually speak more than 1000 words to anyone outside my family in a week or two. I also almost never hear from my friends from High School in any other way than Facebook Chat when I'm on, which is rare as it is.

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Thanks for the video Jeff, content like this is the reason we subscribe.

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Easily one of the best video features on the site right now. After seeing the random video responses Jeff made over the years, and loving those, I could not be more happy with this. Thank you, sincerely, for daring to open up a piece of your privacy.

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Man... Jeff got deep. Especially that end question. I was actually pretty impressed. Good words. I appreciate your continual candidness. Always a respected quality.

Proud second year annual subscriber. Worthwhile content. I just bought a Roku so I could watch even more videos on TV! Hear that!? I bought a Roku more for GiantBomb than even Netflix. So now you have an obligation to keep the awesome video content coming :)

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I really enjoyed this. Jar. Life. Video Games. Thanks xo

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Love this, keep it up.

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Great! More Jar Time with Jeff please!

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We'll all do well to follow Jeff's sage advice near the end. Let's be better people duders.

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I love this type of video, I hope it continues as long as it remains viable (ie questions don't become too stupid/ridiculous/boring).

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really enjoyed this. defiantly looking forward to more Jar time

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i thoroughly enjoyed this video.

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Cheers Jeff, look forward to your next video. Also brought back some good memories of your points video blogs.

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This is fucking cool.

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So I just subscribed and this is the first video I've watched a new premium member, and damn if this one video wasn't worth the entry price. The first couple of minutes are gold.

Also, the end is surprisingly heart-felt. Really enjoyed this and I feel pretty good about supporting more things like it.

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This was amazing.

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I loved every moment of this.

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What is this Points video everyone is mentioning? Can anyone explain or link me?

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50 minutes of Jeff, wow! I couldn't ask for more. This is what I want for my subscription money!


GOOD CONTENT! Cannnot wait for the HOF!

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Lol the Points videos Jeff use to put up were my introduction to him. Funny how it was thrown in at the beginning. Good video.

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As someone who is at year 9 of that "looking back in 10 years and regretting the lost time" thing, I'd like to share some advice; Definitely try something even once, don't let the voice in your head that says "this horrible/embarrassing thing might happen" stop you from trying something that will make you grow as a person. Fight that voice with every fucking fibre of your being. As corny as it sounds, think positively, one moment will not ruin your life, it will not kill you, you will live to see another day and that moment, good or bad, will be in the past. A lot of us think we're victims of circumstance. In reality we're slaves to the world we've created for ourselves.

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Damn, those tubs are exactly what I use for my game collection right now. I have about twelve of them full of games and one of them full of controllers and three of them full of more peripherals and then about a dozen filled with consoles (at least the consoles that will fit in them).
I'd love to arrange some sweet shelving for them, but decent shelving that isn't shit is incredibly expensive and it'll be a long time before I get around to building something that would do the job.

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Wonderful stuff. I am so glad to be a part of this community.

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Can we have more of these please Jeff! Thought it was great!

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Dude is going to die from an overdose one of these days.

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"Dig Deeper into Jeff Gerstmann" word

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Jeff time with jars!

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Man, that last question was deep as hell.

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Great video looking forward to more videos with Jeff answering questions.

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It's funny, when I sat down to watch this I also had my mason jar full of moonshine.

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Thanks Jeff. Great talk!!

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man, thats a sick t-shirt

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First thing I watched with my subscription

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Anyone want to explain the points thing? Is this a pre-Giant Bomb thing or just something I've missed over the years?

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@karmaghost said:

Anyone want to explain the points thing? Is this a pre-Giant Bomb thing or just something I've missed over the years?

Jeff's xbox achievement points has been a little thing hes updated every once in a while since he worked at GameSpot.

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Deep stuff Jeff <3

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This is exactly what I need to hear while playing through Mass Effect 3.

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Dig Deeper into Jeff Gerstmann"

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