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Love this idea, this is the kind of quick fix content I can get behind!

Posted by McNaastyy

Great insight..Thanks Jeff!

Posted by GunsAreDrawn

That room looks exactly the same as it did in points report 3, 4 , or 5 years ago.

Posted by TheHumanDove

man this is great. These sort of videos are why Im dedicated to this site and its well worth getting a paid membership

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So is there any way to lock the comments to only subscribers? And I read all the credits and it made lol.

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Thank you for the return of the Points Report Jar Time.

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We're in Jeff's room. This feels weird.

Posted by classicdms

More like this please.

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Dubious Intern Task. Get them to organise your Games.

Posted by bhhawks78

Loved the vyou stuff but that site was so awkward if you wanted to watch a bunch.

Glad this was made, ignore the comments from people going AMAGAHD SO ANGRAY

Posted by SharkMan

Rock on dude.

Posted by AnotherSomebody

I really enjoyed this. It's really great to get to know Jeff just a little bit more.

Posted by enemymouse

Who is that dead person behind you and why?

Posted by Vinny_Says

Jeff is the new Marijuanaman!

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@gladspooky said:

@SomeJerk said:

Honestly I cant see myself getting a paid membership if its just videos that you get, videos like these should be for all, I understood something like a long live show to be premuim but not these sorts of videos. Good To see people enjoyed it though I guess.

The guy who posted that is too worthless of a human being to quote directly. Let's all just join spirits and laugh aloud at him together.

Yeah, what an asshole, feeling good about people enjoying the video! Boo! Hiss!!!

I think it's more that he's commenting on the relative unpremium-ness of the video even though he obviously can't have watched it and so is in no position to judge it.

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Cool to bring this within Giantbomb rather than some janky 3rd party site. It adds value to subscriptions and the site in general.

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ooh, cool.

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@classicdms said:

More like this please.


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Jeff assigns LIKE A BOSS!

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This is the 21st century's equivalent to FDR's fireside chats.

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Jar Time and Real Talk with Jeff. :D

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@Blearious said:

This is the 21's century's equivalent to FDR's fireside chats.

And This...maybe not quite in terms of dealing with complete economic depression, but close

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Real talk jar talk

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There are very few people whom I find interesting enough to just listen to them talk in their bedroom to a webcam for fifty minutes. Can't wait for the next entry!

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@Irvandus said:

Seems like awesome Sub content, highly approved.

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And the Points Report rises from the ashes like a phoenix reborn.

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I've been using jars instead of glasses for years.  Free and more capacious!

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I knew I made the right decision by renewing my membership.

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Good new feature and good further insight into the website I love the most. Thanks guys. Thanks Jeff.

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Quote of the video:


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"Dig Deeper Into Jeff Gerstmann"


edit: also,the "sponsor" mention made me laugh.

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Having just gotten a yearly membership, this was a great way to kick it off. Awesome video.

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That last question was as real as it gets!

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As a subscriber, I love content of this nature. Great video!

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Jeff answers the meaning of life towards the end.

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I vote you never figure out how to slow down the credits. Pausing to read goofy credits is something I really enjoy; it feels like a secret something extra, even though it is clearly not. Also: this whole video was wonderful.

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Good stuff! Glad I got my membership!

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Awesome content for subscribers Jeff :). Great idea, and keep it coming.

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Great video, now we need more Brad Starcraft 2 bedroom videos. Also Vinny could make vlogs on whatever his current gaming obsession is now (Witcher).

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Jeff, you should totally play some of those old games in your collection and tape it.

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Do not...do not fuck books.

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Drinking out of jars. Jeff is so gangsta.

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Cool Great segment also smart to make it sub only! I am definitely reuping in October when mine runs out!

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The credits at the end were the best part.

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Dig Deeper into Jeff Gerstmann

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Man, I have Submarine Commader for the 400 but not Music Composer. Alls I got is the dang Basic Compiler and Assembly Compiler.

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@Floppypants said:

And the Points Report rises from the ashes like a phoenix reborn.

and all was right with the world

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Surprisingly good video. Hoping the feature quality will remain!