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Whooohoo Jar time!!!!!!

Posted by mr_shoeless

Dude. Don't drop that jar.

Posted by MisterMouse

Jar heads?

Posted by Video_Game_King

Huh? When the hell did this happen? Is it a premium thing I missed out on?

Posted by Peever

Love the jar!

Posted by giant_frying_pan

I have two physical copies of Streets of Rage 2 and another three digital copies of it. I still don't think I have enough.

Posted by SlightConfuse

Jar Time oh yeaaa

Posted by yoshimitz707

Can't wait to watch this tomorrow!

Posted by LiquidSwords

Jar of Life

Posted by George_Hukas

Jarate with Jeff

Posted by RE_Player1

Thank God for this. Makes up for Patrick being on the Bombcast.

Posted by Brodehouse


Posted by Wikitoups


Posted by mr_shoeless

For some reason, I tend to enjoy these videos most when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep; you know, around 3 a.m.

Posted by MonkfishEsq

Streets of Rage 1 is still better *folds arms*

Posted by Wes899

@Video_Game_King: Yeah there's been a few before now.

Posted by Pr1mus

Haven't watched it yet but already the screenshot has one of the greatest game of all time!

Posted by rts375

It would be awesome if Jar Time became a permanent video series.

Posted by Rukus

1 hour and 36 minutes of jar time? GiantBomb is spoiling me.

Posted by ScreamingFist

YEA! Jar Time baby! Ooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Posted by Ezekeilpurger

No Jeff, weightlifting should be segregated by sex.

Posted by rbanke

I love jar time, so much in fact that I have Uncharted 3 in my hand and I'm seriously contemplating watching this instead. And I love Uncharted...

Posted by RandomInternetUser

YES. Been waiting for this.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

With a new Jar Time and the Bombcast on standby, my week just got a whole lot better.

Posted by mason_pat

Uncharted or Unjarted?

Posted by Fungiefips

We need a ladies-only Jar Time with Jeff.

Posted by Wes899

Closest thing we've had to a cool import scene in modern times was with the DS, but even that died.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

Jar Time. The best time of the week.

Posted by jred250

Seeing Jeff drinking water makes me thirsty. I gotta get some water before I watch.

Posted by devilzrule27

Anything that is endorsed by Streets of Rage 2 must be good!

Posted by DHunter329

@giant_frying_pan: You can never have enough Streets of Rage 2. Never.

Posted by PuppyKisses

Is that Vodka?

Posted by Crake

Jar Time is one of my favorite things of Giant Bomb. Keep them coming, Jeff.

Posted by HerbieBug

I caved and signed up for premium just to watch this and Vinny's aracde machine tinkering. Money well spent. I love you Giantbomb peoples. :D

Posted by barnodian

must stache makes that thumbnail look AMAZING

Posted by TehJedicake

FACT: Premium members get laid a lot.

Posted by Th3_James

Love me some jar time.

Posted by Ramone

If it don't connect to the Zorro port then it's FUCKING GARBAGE.

Posted by csl316

Dude, I LOVE Streets of Rage 2 for the Sega Genesis!

Posted by DoubleSpy

@msavo said:

Thank God for this. Makes up for Patrick being on the Bombcast.


Posted by Shadow

Cold pizza is always terrible. Always microwave your leftover pizza. There's no excuse not to

Posted by benjo_t

I'm happy that this seems to be a thing. Got my jar of pepsi here, waiting for the bombcast to finish up before I settle into Jeff's wisdom.

Posted by heatDrive88

@Shadow said:

Cold pizza is always terrible. Always microwave your leftover pizza. There's no excuse not to

What the fuck, no. You don't troll shit like this, it is just far too mean.

Posted by fooflighter737

@Shadow said:

Cold pizza is always terrible. Always microwave your leftover pizza. There's no excuse not to

gross, use a convection oven and reheat...nice and crispy

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Jeff getting all deep about the internet, i'm feeling what you're putting down. Let's all be better people and stop spreading vile shit. Have an intellectual discourse so we all can learn and understand each other better.

Posted by Baillie

This won't play for me in HD and on High I get some crazy strobe green lighting!

Posted by MrMazz

lol the super edition of skyrim in the background

Posted by MustardDragon

@Shadow: Nah son! Cold pizza is ELITE. Re-heated pizza is a soggy mess.

Posted by csl316

Oh jeez, I just paused at the most terrifying time.

Posted by HerbieBug

I agree about Batman being fairly good about maintaining player control throughout, although with that one it does make one cinematic game designy style choice for the boss fights that I don't care for: introducing mechanics in boss fights. You shouldn't be figuring out a new gadget or technique in a boss fight. A boss fight should never have tutorial button prompts popping up. My idea of a good boss fight is something that requires the player to puzzle out on their own given tools they're already comfortable with.

In that sense I think the Souls games are the best modern action/RPG example of giving players a set of tools and remaining entirely hands off with scripting thereafter. Makes for a much more immersive, satisfying experience.