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Poor Jeff doesn't know the joy of Yoshi.

Posted by DavidMerrick

Patrick, you are wonderful.

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Those be fighting words!

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I know lots of people take it deadly seriously, but I am enjoying this Klepek-Gerstmann blood feud over the validity of Yoshi's Island as a good game.

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nice Patrick

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Now we wait for Jeff's rebuttal

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

God ... Ryan would have HATED this ^^

Posted by Y2Ken

Oh Patrick. You joker, you. :p

Still doesn't quite top those upcoming Game of the Year notifications, though.

Posted by ShaggE

Tell 'em, Patrick! Help make Giant Bomb a pro-Yoshi's Island website!

Posted by RecSpec

Damn Scoops.

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Shots are seemly fired Jeff. Return fire?

EDIT: also nothing about this looks any good - FUCK Yoshi!

Posted by chiablo

Nice job Patrick...

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Graphically this game just looks ugly.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

I've always found Yoshi and Kirby's eating their enemies and then shitting them out to be mildly disturbing.

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Did you see Shy Guy's face when Yoshi grabbed him by the dick and ate him whole?

No, no, that's literally what just happened.

Posted by patrickklepek

Graphically this game just looks ugly.

SHHHHHHH. Quiet! (You're right.)

Posted by ajamafalous

Man, Nintendo's totally lost it as far as naming games now, huh?

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@chiablo said:

Nice job Patrick...


Posted by ghostyTrickster

I LOVE Yoshi's Island and the style in this one is.... poor. It looks like a mix of the Yoshi's Island style and the Yoshi's Story style and it doesn't work...

If the gameplay is there though, I'll check it out for sure.

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Oh, god. I had forgotten about the 2DS.

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I really like the end where they just left the Youtube link boxes there anyways.

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Oh you rascal you >.>

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I'm so glad I got a 3DS now.

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May look bad, but it probably won't be!

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For being the best Mario game, Nintendo sure likes dragging the Yoshi's Island franchise through the mud.

This just looks super rough.

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Time to get some popcorn. This should be good. :D

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Yoshi's Island is a game about speed and precision, I hope this game doesn't lose that.

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Ooooh, that was evil!

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Shots fired

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Kinda with Jeff on this, the art style looks terrible.

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Shots fired so hard.

Posted by Tyrax

Oh no, Patrick is going to be fired

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Oh the tears if Jeff actually ends up liking this!

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That title got me to click here. Patrick this isn't IGN with Click Bait titles, ugh.

Posted by MisterMouse

Hahaha I love that this "beef" is continuing. I would love for a patrick and jeff quick look of this game.

Posted by jimmyfenix

#Teamjeff #Yoshiislandsucks

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Wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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I never played the original YI, but I played the DS version. I really liked the art style. After watching this, I have a question: what the heck happened?

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The thing I like about the SNES Yoshi's Island is that each level introduces you to a new concept that expands on the platforming or egg throwing or other basic functions. They're pretty tightly designed and don't overstay their welcome. This was absent from the following games in the series, hope that's not the case here.

Posted by Terranova

there should be a bet of some kind if Jeff looses he should be made to do a Yoshi's Island endurance run and if Patrick looses he has to become a Yoshi's Island hater.

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Prrrffff, really happy about this description

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Hey look, another completely original Nintendo product!

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The SNES version is prettier than this monstrosity.