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@mrcraggle: Agreed.

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I would love a museum full of weird old video game stuff with tours and demos guided by Jeff.

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getting up is one of the first games which I 100%ed, I borrowed it from a friend and got through that thing in a weekend, a lot of fun was had.

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This is probably the most somber toned video on giant bomb.

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What does that sign say? "Sex is.." Sex is what!?

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My sega master system light gun game of choice was "gangster town"

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I hope the Giant Bomb guys have a MTV Cribz style feature on the site in the near future. I'd love to see where all the guys keep their games. We don't really need to see the whole house but I think a tour of their game rooms/entertainment setups would be nice. I can only dream.

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The needing room for more stuff is a challenge I am constantly facing.

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@Phatmac: I wouldn't mind taking some of it off his hands :P

I'd put it up for auction though for this years Extra Life.

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Jeff, you should do a feature for the site where you guys do a hoarders/ storage wars spoof where you get the interns to clean your house

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Pilates rodeo record? wtf?

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Take the oldest of those PC games into the office and dump them on Vinny's desk.

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That was pretty damn raw.

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I think buying a house for your video game paraphernalia is the ONLY solution.

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Yeah, I know what he means. My Steam library barely has any more room in it... oh wait.

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Jeff is a hoarder

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Jeff needs to live in a land full of shelves.

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Now let's play the "what weird thing did you catch a glimpse of" game.

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I would like to see the other girls that were in that contest for Barely Legal TEEN QUEEN Of The Month, if Jeff was the winner.

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Someone needs to take this from him to stop this madness...

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Jeff you should open a video game museum

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Jeff, you so Veteran!

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gotta say I love these type of vids

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I want to organize this room soooo bad.

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pilates rodeo record!!??

seeing this video makes me feel good for not buying that 25 dollar sealed copy of dj hero 2 that i would never play.

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Thanks for doing this Jeff

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i hope you have home owners/renters insurance.
Also i found it hard not to touch myself while watching this.  It was video game porn.

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Jeff Gerstmann you need to set up space at the office for 99% of this stuff!

Be creative! make a "history of video games" wall for the bar, or build the giant bomb logo out of old games and game hardware! crowd source it even, invite fans to come in and do it for you.

Stop hoarding! :D

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I agree with his assessment. Kick out room mate, buy more video games.

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Yo, Jeff, how much do you want for that Mega Man poster?

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Pilates Rodeo?

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@antime: His or Dave's.
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@Gyoru said:
Barely Legal Teen Queen of the Month™
I was hoping I wasn't the only one seeing that, I thought for a second I was going crazy.
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is there a perfect shelf for someone like jeff?

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Damn WTF are you gonna do 20 years from now? I'd start selling some of this stuff

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Great, I almost died from content starvation.

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Empire! A manly game, for men.

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Alright Jeff, that's about enough DayQuil (and NyQuil) for you. I raise a \m/ for you but you seriously need some tea and water to fully recover.

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Someday I will have a room like this in my house. Multiple rooms actually. I aspire to have even half the useless junk that Jeff has.

There's something wrong with me.

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Jeff owns all the games!

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I agree about the EA logo needing to come back.

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Oh man this video is making me dizzy.

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The way those Ps3 games fit into those shelves horizontally hits my brain just at the right spot.

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Jeff, take a pair of NyQuil, put something relaxing on the TV like a documentary about the condensation of earth-like particles... And just chill.

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I've always regretted selling my used games because I feel like collecting the games is part of the fun, but this video has convinced me that maybe selling my used games was not such a bad idea.

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@SlickWillyJJ said:

Jeff, Do you ever think of getting this stuff insured?

Why do you think he filmed it? =P

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Send it all to CGR ;)

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I really started worrying for Jeff about 10 minutes into this, then realized he got past this sickness...

This practically defines the meaning of the word "feverish."

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@lord_canti said:

this video was never posted it was just a hallucination

I lol'd. Stupid Bioware...