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I have that ALF!

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It's like a very specific episode of hoarders.

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i'm actually the only one of my friends that has played that marc ecko game, and i fucking love it! play it about once a year... which is kind of weird, and to this day i still try to get people to play it

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Man I hate being sick. Hope you feel better soon Jeff.


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@President_Barackbar said:

@Gyoru said:
Barely Legal Teen Queen of the Month™
I was hoping I wasn't the only one seeing that, I thought for a second I was going crazy.

I'd like to hear more about these BLTs.

Posted by munocard

Forget the "Barely Legal Teen Queen of the Month" I think he had a House Rules sign on the wall for a strip club in there. I think it said Little Darlings? I'm probably learning more about Jeff than I ever really wanted to.

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@eezo: same here duder!!!

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If I had a collection like that I'd build an additional large cement and steel room with plenty of shelving. And of course living in New Orleans, this room would have to be raised or on a second story.

I don't even want to think about all the shit I lost in Katrina that I've been blocking out of my mind for the past 6 years or so.

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Jeff, build a gigantic filing cabinet the size of a room you don't need; categorize all the games and put them away.   In your case I suggest a large cabinet.   Also, have you ever thought of selling some of your games?   I've traded in only a handful and I know the importance of having a game you can just pull out and have fun with but if you wanna do that, you'll have lost your momentum to play by the time you dig out and set up your console.   Maybe you should sell your duplicate copies and games already included on compilations.

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Niiiicee. I had one of those non-Dual Shock PS1 controllers, so id definitely did come out in the States. I remember you could also use it to emulate the the PS1 Dual Joystick, which was also a crazy thing. Apparently it was Descent was amazing with it.

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This was great, Jeff

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NHL 94 FTW!!!

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I think I saw a shake weight on the floor, well at least it looked like one.

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I was worried for Jeff @24:45 that he accidentally unearthed a bong.

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That video made me feel like I was sick. Now that is quality cinema, Michael Bay.....

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My mom has that Alf too.

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@ckeats said:

My mom has that Alf too.


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Giant Bomb fans will watch anything.
 And, oh God, I thought that I was the only person on planet Earth that liked Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.

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We know you're extremely dedicated to bringing us news and delicious quicklooks but now.. Now you need a break. Take it, Jeff. Drink tea, ingest cold medicine, but most importantly - chill the fuck out! Even if just a few days.

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is this an audition tape for hoarders?

Posted by Jayzilla

we need to get jeff on hoarders before he ends up like one of the old ladies on that show. it would be like an intervention.

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that was so awesome...thanks Jeff for giving us a taste of what you always tease on the bombcast

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@Monkeyman04 said:

What does that sign say? "Sex is.." Sex is what!?

I think it may have read "Sexist" since the rest of the poster seemed to have been cut off. He might have been protesting the Darlings gentlemen's club that the purple sign was from. ^_^

And by protesting, he was fighting for his right to dance.

Posted by Garrick_Greathouse

I'm loving the Pilates Rodeo high scores!

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Ohmygosh, I'll take that box of original Xbox games off your hands! If you give me a fair price I'll... let's play them with live commentary! Each and every one of them! And... you can put that content on your site to get viewers..?? No, wait, this is.. this is getting really horrible, nevermind...
I do freaking love last-gen console games, though. And there's still tons of them out there that I haven't played, and most likely never will because they didn't review well enough for anyone to remember they existed and thus I can't find used copies of them...

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@xite said:

@ckeats said:

My mom has that Alf too.


There are pills for that.

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I recommend going with warehouse/archive style shelving. Floor to ceiling, shelves on each wall plus a central one through the middle of the room, each one about 2ft deep so you can fit the bulky stuff as well.

And take all your old hardware to the office and get Vinny, Drew and Dave to restore them and set them up as permanent reference machines :D

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it says 'sexist bullshit'

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@Scarlet_Rogue: Pilates Rodeo, you sit on one of those big exercise balls with no hands or feet touching the floor until you roll off. It's funny as hell to watch.

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With Jeff it's his job, but everyone else who doesn't trade games in should really chuck their boxes. There's no point in keeping them when the companies that made most of those games are long gone. It's like worshipping the dead.

4x4 CD wallets are the solution. And think about it, how many manuals are actually worth having - Red Dead for the map? Street Fighter for the move list?

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Mother of God..

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@acevornhax: OH! Ok. What is that from?

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Wait, do you seriously own a pair of those stupid Hulk fist gloves!?!? That's not cool, man! Those are the total worst! Oi! You gotta throw those away, man!

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How much does Jeff make? Even if he got half of that for free it's still a load of disposable income.

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You're crazy Jeff MC Getting Up sucked! there's only one game about drawing Graffiti.

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@xite said:

How much does Jeff make? Even if he got half of that for free it's still a load of disposable income.

Since his job is to play and review games he can buy what he wants and get the money back as a tax write off.

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Jeff should open up a Video Game Museum lol

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I liked Quantum Redshift.

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@PlasmaBeam44 said:

@xite said:

How much does Jeff make? Even if he got half of that for free it's still a load of disposable income.

Since his job is to play and review games he can buy what he wants and get the money back as a tax write off.

Correct me if I'm wrong but that's like the best thing ever.

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amazed this all isn't just sitting at whiskey

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glad I'm not the only crazy person that has a lot of nintendo's.

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I could turn that room for $15,000.

Posted by CrazyBagMan

Where does Jeff live? I need to go rob... help him make some extra room.

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If this stuff was at the office I doubt there would be another week of no content again.

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Sup Alf?

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My. God. If he is interested, he should do a live stream and auction that stuff off.

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He's going to move all that stuff to a storage locker at some point and it will eventually reappear on an episode of Storage Wars.

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Its awesome that they put videos like this up as content.