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this video was never posted it was just a hallucination

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Been looking forward to this

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Boom it's up!!

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finally its up

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sweet something to watch.

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This is like a bad episode of Hoarders...

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This is real content.

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Garage Wars?

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Just throw it all away; Alf deserves his own room.

Edit: Ack; I just want to organize it all.

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That reminds me. I have to organize my stuff too.

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Whoa. That's awesome.

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Dust + Illness = AWESOME

Edit: I have an Alf like that. It's sweet.

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Barely Legal Teen Queen of the Month™

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Sealed copy of Everquest 2. Awww yeah. The right way to have a copy of Everquest 2.

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@Phatmac: No such thing
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Now for another week of no content :D

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I see multiple copies of the same games in there, and for the same console, even. Jeff, you gotta sell some of that stuff man.

edit: man I want one of those Megaman 9 posters sooooo bad.

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That...is a lot of video games...

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Take care of the rats and your stuff and BURN IT ALL! It's how pyro's get everything sorted out.

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Doesn't get more video games than this...

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Great !

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what the what

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Jeff you need to sell some of that.

Or stop getting so many vidja games. How many do you need? When I was a kid I only had one football!

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Those plastic boxes rock.. i just got done doing a complete clean and re-sort out in my garage, got  those exact boxes at HD. They are cheap (enough) and there are different sizes of them..perfect.  plus you can see in them for ID.
Hope you feel better, flu shots every year are your friend. Or you may have what was going around a short month ago, wasn't bad
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obviously you have a lot of redundancy, both hard- and software, you need to let go of some things that aren't really collectibles (3-4 Nes'es?) or games you hate. You could hold an auction in the week of the next Big Live Live Show (Live Again (?)) or Oktobercast or something. You're a hoarder, just like me and speaking from my own experience you just have to let it go.

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Is this art?

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I have the same ALF. Well, technically it's my dad's, but still.

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jeff storage wars style auction for some of your stuff its the only way

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Put it in a storage locker. Don't pay for the locker, then three months later we should see that shit on Storage Wars. Do it.

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I'd pay $2500 for that locker

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you can always get more videogames...ALWAYS

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Looks like you have enough stuff to give to charity (e.g. Let's Play events, a personal Giant Bomb charity event, OKTOBERFEST, etc)

...or to a hobo...

Who knows?

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Jeff, Do you ever think of getting this stuff insured? ...No, I'm just kidding. Seriously though you should have a garage sale (or a couple of garage sales).

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Is that a Shake Weight on the floor?

PS they did come out with the non-rumble dual analog controller in the US. I know because I got one, and then I think it was barely 6 months later that they came out with the Dual Shock. The thing about that original dual analog controller though - it had noticeably longer grip "horns" than the Dual Shock (and original non-analog controller) and I kind of preferred it for that.

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@Phatmac said:

This is like a bad episode of Hoarders...

pretty much rofl

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Nothing makes me realize how little I know of videogames than seeing Jeff's collection and knowledge of videogames.

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This is better than being John Malkovich.

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This stopped being a collection a long time ago. This is hoarding.

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The shaky camera was simply too much for me.

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Did anyone else feel like they where watching Doom when Jeff got out the light gun? lol

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TP tube coils? Genius.

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Man, I want to be the guy that wins this stuff on Storage Wars.

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odd this isnt sub only ........