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@Ne0teric I dislike quests.
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I hate disease! Punch that F'ing disease in the face!!!

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So someone was so lazy they used the discripter jeff would usually use to mock wii-ware Releases?Awesome.

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I'm disappointed that this isn't an RTS, I've been wanting to see one of those take place in the body for a long time.

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This trailer reminds me of this game.

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This is how real scientists fight disease. True story.

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So that is why my belly felt funny all day.

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Shin'en knows how to pump out great visuals on a portable system. I hope the shooting action matches the graphical fidelity.

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Am I the only one who at first thought this was some sort of simulator? Because I was far off.

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Shooting viruses doesn't seem like an effective way to fight disease...

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Shin'en are a bunch of damn wizards.

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I came here today to cure chronic heart failure and chew bubblegum. Also, the bubblegum is a tiny spaceship.

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*read in announcers voice*

Fighting the common cold has never been this intense! This time we're taking it into you!

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I have an erection.

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So that's how you get rid of deadly viruses. Blast it with lasers!