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Viva las fuckin' vegas!

Posted by RomeoInc

Can't wait for this game!

Edited by papuccino1

Shit so close. Next time please please please use less volume on the background song. It's very distracting and I can't even hear what Brad is saying. :S

Posted by Tregard

Loved Fallout 3, so this should be good

Posted by Bureksasutlijom


Posted by dannyodwyer

Very much looking forward to Fallout New Vegas

Posted by impulsives

Looks like another worthwhile DLC for Fallout 3.

Posted by nail1080
@papuccino1 said:
" Shit so close. Next time please please please use less volume on the background song. It's very distracting and I can't even hear what Brad is saying. :S "
yeah right i smell a bullshit troll the music is fine I can hear Brad fine quit your whining
Posted by GesiBamba

Mogwai t-shirt! Thats onne hip video game developer :P

Posted by LoneRiver

It always seems super awkward that Brad doesn't shake anyone's hands after interviews.

Posted by Dustpan

Awesome interview.

Posted by jhubz

Yay Fallout

Posted by skrutop
@impulsives said:
" Looks like another worthwhile DLC for Fallout 3. "
Yeah, $60 DLC that comes on its own disc.
Posted by GalacticPunt

Brad didn't use companions in Fallout 3?  Learn2play dude!  Dogmeat and Fawkes were both great tanks who auto heal completely after combat ends, so less time spent applying stim-packs to yourself.
It's really alright, western RPG's are all about playing any way you feel like.

Posted by BigChief

Like what I heard about characters being more interesting and involved in this one. It continues to look like New Vegas is taking what I liked about Fallout 3 and correcting a lot of the points that I found to be dull or implemented poorly. Sweet!

Posted by buckybit

Good old Games - gog.com Fallout 1 and 2 is mandatory. But I preach to the choir.

Posted by Siepher

Looking forward to it!

Posted by Death_Burnout

"Josh Sawyer" hehe, i see something awesome in that name.

Posted by Drewbs

Fallout: New Vegas? Maybe.

Posted by nyuckelhead

Can't wait! I loved all the fallout games even BoS.   
Sounds like it could be amazing what with Black Isle and all...

Posted by Droop

He has a ._. face on his face :o

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@skrutop said:

" @impulsives said:

" Looks like another worthwhile DLC for Fallout 3. "
Yeah, $60 DLC that comes on its own disc. "
A $60 DLC that had ~2 years of development by a different team, has new gameplay additions and takes place in an entirely different location with it's own story and characters. Yeah, sorry trolls, you can't pull the "this is just an expansion" line here. 
Speaking of the companions, I hope they improved the combat AI, and/or added a way to not have companions perma-die. One of the reasons I was hesitant to use companions in F3 was that they would often get killed due to dumb behaviour that I had no control over, and once they were dead that was it, they were gone.
Posted by Vinchenzo

Sounds really lame.

Posted by TerraDelu

Man, that guy seemed like a dick. He just came off like he was annoyed with Brad's questions.

Posted by jmrwacko
@LoneRiver said:
" It always seems super awkward that Brad doesn't shake anyone's hands after interviews. "
Not to mention his questions sound like they came out of a college interview.
Posted by DominatingFrance

Can Vinny or Drew or whoever is filming please keep still? Making me kinda nauseous here...

Posted by RNiemeijer

Dude's got a smiley face on his cheek

Posted by enigma

There goes another 100 hours of my life. I can't wait!!

Posted by Milkman

Show me the damn game!

Posted by odintal

I now have the urge to reinstall Fallout 1 and 2.
Maybe even tactics...

Posted by Zanthox

HOLY CRAP! Josh Sawyer is wearing a Shmunks for you shirt! I didn't know they had shirts!

Posted by Lassegp


Posted by thecleric

Really hope Companions only perma die on Hardcore mode. 
Seemed kind of stupid in 3.

Posted by Izaak
@Droop: Holy shit. He does :O 
This is definitely going to be my winter hibernation game :P
Posted by MeatSim

I like the sound of the tweaks there making to the game.

Posted by crusader8463

Never played the first two games, and I hated three, but this game sounds cool; especially the focus on companions. I just hope they make a shooting system that works this time, and a PC version that isn't a buggy piece of shit that crashes every other time you hit a button like three was.

Posted by Spiritof

I wake up every morning with my bed surrounded by Rangers saying, "Hey, buddy...".

Posted by rohanspear345

brad has giant arms!

Posted by RobJ

Cannot wait! FO was great. FO2 was awesome and FO3 was maybe the best game I ever played. Vegas, here I come baby!!!!!

Posted by ClownDetective

What the hell? Companion wheel, resolution quests, companions commenting ont he world...someone has been playing Bioware games.

Posted by Kilnik

The Shmunks character on his shirt kinda looks like Michael Keaton.

Posted by ghostNPC

Eh... it's beginning to sound like every developer says the exact same thing in every interview, regardless of good questions.

Posted by GesiBamba
@Kilnik: Its an awesome mogwai shirt :O
Posted by mrv321

To all those who consider this to be little more than Fallout: Bethesda DLC, need I remind you that in fact this game has been inproduction BEFORE that game. For many people, myself included, Fallout: Bethesda was a good game, buggy and fun but not a proper Fallout game, I believe this will return the formula a bit more. If you've ever spent more than an hour JUST reading the Fallout Wiki you know what I mean, I've enjoyed books but somehow the Fallout Wiki because a drug.
While it's not being upgraded superifically which isn't a problem in my books, I do wish they'd address some problems
1. The 3D person view. NO, don't bother.
2. The computer hacking, change it please
3. Out of VATS combat to not be about dice, for me Fallout 3 felt like out of VATS combat was just like VATS combat, NO SKILL
4. No repetive underground.
5. The weapons to be more relevant, you could pick up special weapons etc but as soon as you had the right compo your done, why no drastically limit ammo for certain guns, by the end of Fallout Bethesda I was walking around with a full upgraded plasma rifle (1 infact), 1,000 power cells and my upgraded power armour. I could have completed the ENTIRE game with just that, so long as I slept.
6. Limit VATS, it just ruins one on one combat.... enter VATS fire off some round turns and run... repeat.
7. More quests, even repeatable ones which would be cool.
Apparently this team was working on multiplayer, imagine if this game had co-op, no VATS just combat .

Posted by GesiBamba
Posted by Metal_Mills

I look forward to the texture mods that'll come out for this. If there isn't an editor I don't think I can go back to vanilla fallout 3 graphics.

Posted by Mr_JPeps

Cant wait for this game and Hardcore mode. Also this mans mole is indifferent : |

Posted by duckdog

 Nice, been a fan of his work since Black Isle and Icewind Dale.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Great outro!

Posted by trophyhunter

all the new stuff he was talking about sounded a lot like dragon age/mass effect stuff

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