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Can wait

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Cant Wait

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Engine is looking pretty sweet though I'm just waiting for half of the background to magically pop into frame

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...and it's over.

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The Cole train!

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the cut out the bit where  all the textures dont load for a second but i still cant wait for this game

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Not really news that Adam Fenix is still alive. Prepared to bet that the locust queen is Marcus's mom Elaine, also.


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@Sweep said:

Not really news that Adam Fenix is still alive. Prepared to bet that the locust queen is Marcus's mom Elaine, also.


adam fenix is into some freaky shit
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Sweet, I'm pretty confident in the quality of the multiplayer, now it's time to see some of that campaign.

@Sweep: That's a pretty likely guess, I wonder if they ever will talk about the events that occurred in that concentration camp like place in Act 3 of Gears 2.......I highly doubt they will though...

@Toms115: That locust queen is totally nailable.....which just makes everything more weird/stupid.
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I can taste Gears 3 in my mouth right now.

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@Afroman269: The Gears comics actually go into that a little bit, one of the editions focusses on Tai and what happens to him after he is defeated by Skorge up to the point where Marcus finds him. Some gnarly shit right there.

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The locust stole all their sleeves. 

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Wow. That was a lot shorter than I expected.

Kind of just flew through me.

Posted by Parsnip

Nice shadows.

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Well that was pointless. We already know the game exists, why put out a trailer with five seconds of a cutscene?

Posted by partoftheproblem

Oh good, we can expect a heartwarming story of familial love and father-son bonding in the noble Gears of War tradition.

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Hahahahaha wtf? So short!

Posted by Marz

Trailer for a Trailer.


Oh FUCK YOU!!  A trailer for a trailer!?  Seriously...?

Posted by pepper

We are in an age where there are previews for previews. I fuckin' hate what this industry is becoming.

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Man, the guy who voices Marcus could work as a Kiefer Sutherland voice double.

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Wha happened?

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Who is your daddy and what does he do?

For 15 seconds you could at least give a punch to the balls.

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I just realized how little I care about GoW. I dig Cliffy. I dig the occasional bro-shooter style game. However, I don't even remember if I beat GoW2 and I barely played any multiplayer on it and I don't know that I'm particularly excited for GoW3 to come out. I'm kind of burned out on the franchise and would like to see CliffyB's next thing.

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I cant play Gears 2 online anymore.  It feels like the Beta compared to the Gears 3 Beta.  

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Those damn Nazis got his father! >:0

Posted by Xpgamer7

Can't believe his father isn't a Manly Man.

Posted by zombie2011

Ohhhh, i can't wait for this game.

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i'm good

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@yogetoutdaway: the guy who voices Marcus also voices Bender on Futurama 
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I can't wait to get the epic edition.

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That was very brief

Posted by Agent47
@JokerFrown: Same here the GOW3 beta is so much more smooth, colorful, faster, better balanced, more fun than GOW2.Now I will just have to wait for GOW3 in dissapointment.
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The gangs all here, and so is Ice T.

Posted by InfernoChaos

God damn Facebook and this was pointless. Should have just shown the full thing on May 28th.

Posted by Sharpshooter

Wow when you said a taste you weren't kidding. 

Also from what I've read in the book GOW: Aspho Field Marcus and his father were never that close. yeah they were father and son but Marcus was closer to Dom's family than his own.
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Stupidest trailer I have ever seen. I can imagine all the meatheads getting a boner over it though.

Posted by roninhack
ummm i think the video is too long a look at this game. 15 seconds..... just spoil the whole game huh.....

Italcis used to signify sarcasm... or hipster voice....   yep hipster voice...
Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

So......why was this released again?

Posted by PerfidiousSinn

Gears of War has an insanely depressing story. Can't wait to play the next one!

Posted by Th3irdEye

Man, when they say a little taste, they really mean it...

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