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Posted by Nizzleworth


Posted by Skald

Utterly needless? Completely outstanding? That's pretty much Just Cause 2 in four words.

Posted by Osiris

Insanely cool, definitely gonna try that out as soon as I get my hands on this piece of art!

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

My mind is blown.

Posted by cap123

that was superb in every way

Posted by Soap

That was crazy awesome, still don't see why he needed to get in the Tuk Tuk though other than to be bad ass

Posted by weegieanawrench

Holy. shit. Enough said.

Posted by airules


Posted by Xeiphyer


Posted by Th3_James

Picking this up day 1

Posted by Winternet

Mind = Blown.

Posted by CowsWithGuns

wow, I hope these are TV adds, the game will sell 1m easy.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Brilliant trailer! I wish stuff like this was always that entertaining.

Posted by Milkman

I wasn't so sure about this game before but now, I am FUCKING SOLD!

Posted by DukeTogo

Tuck no.

Posted by minorinya

The only problem I'm seeing is during real gameplay, you won't be able to actually see the dude get messed up by a tuk tuk. :(
 But I'm still getting this game.

Posted by m1k3

surprisingly hard to do in the demo. can you control the car while falling through the air?

Posted by RobotHamster

Fuuuuuuuuckk that was awesome!

Posted by _Phara0h_

 This and Crackdown 2 is all the open world fun I can handle for this year at least. 

Posted by SinGulaR

ell oh ell
Posted by Djeffers03

there is no explanation for this. 

Posted by W0lfbl1tzers
@m1k3 said:
" surprisingly hard to do in the demo. can you control the car while falling through the air? "
You can control a car while riding on top of it. I wouldn't be shocked if you could control it in mid air
Posted by Rayeth

The only way this could be better is if the announcer from NBA Jam then screamed "BOOMSHAKALA!!"  as it exploded.
Come to think of it lots of things are better that way.

Posted by n11n12

I just came a little.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
@Djeffers03 said:
" there is no explanation for this.  "
Does there need to be?
Posted by Baggykins

combine this game with Red Faction: Guerilla and it would be platinum

Posted by deadly_polo

yes, yes, yes, maybe??? - obviously yes!!

Posted by Lukeweizer

So fucking awesome!

Posted by nivi
@Soap:  There is a certain degree of air control. Hence "guided".
Posted by MordeaniisChaos


Posted by George_Hukas
Watch this: 
You get to see plenty of dudes get messed up
Posted by HatKing

God damn it... these trailers always manage to disappoint me in some way.  I've seen guys get exploded... I wanted him to be smashed with a Tuk Tuk! :(
Posted by Capum15
I wanted to see him mashed by the Tuk Tuk as well, but this was still damned awesome. The smashing would've been much better >.<
So many times in the trailers it's like, "OMG, No way!...oh, well...cool, I guess." Still day 1 buy for me.
Posted by EdoBaka

RIP. tombstone: died a sudden but awesome death. search youtube.

Posted by Renegade88

que el hombre esta loco

Posted by jmrwacko

Why do I get the feeling Jeff is a Just Cause fanboy?

Posted by MjHealy

Hopefully there will be the Limited Edition in GAME when I buy this when I go to London a day or two after it comes out.

Posted by Rio

the demo alone kept me entertained for hours, I'm pretty excited for the game.

Posted by cluto
@extremeradical said:
" Utterly needless? Completely outstanding? That's pretty much Just Cause 2 in four words. "
I like what you say, and I like the way you say it, lady.
Posted by Brackynews
@W0lfbl1tzers:  Adding Just Cause 2 to Air Control page.  (Dang I wish we still had that page.)
Posted by applet0n

Wow. Over-the-top now has a new standard.

Posted by thenexus
@Soap: Because you can!
Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

I expected just a little bit more at the end, but this is pretty sweet too.

Posted by Robo

I did something similar in the demo with the help of a mod created by a fine gentleman on some sort of awful internet forum.
Only I strapped 12 remote explosive charges to a Tuk Tuk and tried to hit the target himself by dropping it from a helicopter...it slightly missed, but needless to say the explosives did the job.
I also flew to the highest point in the area, the top of the mountain next to the radar base, and drove a sportscar off the edge.
It couldn't quite get enough distance out to avoid tapping part of the mountain on the way down. The resulting high-speed barrel-roll was eventually followed by my parachuting out just before the car slammed into another little speed-bump and exploding.
On my second attempt I chose the tour bus...it made it to the bottom in one piece, even landed on its wheels after barrel-rolling almost the entire way.

Posted by MeatSim

Makes me want to play the demo again you can't do anything in the 30 minute time limit.

Posted by Trilogy

I peed a little.

Posted by albedos_shadow

Needless, my ass. God I want this so bad.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

That is a disgraceful waste of the best vehicle in the game.

Posted by IceTrey87

Just Cause 2 is pretty amazing.  I decided to test the limits of it at my friend's house on the demo since I'd played the first and he hadn't so he basically sucked at doing anything.  You can literally take a blackhawk up in the air, jump out, hijack an attack copter out of a free fall, shoot down another helicopter, jump out and grapple to your original helicopter as it free falls towards the ground and pull it out of the dive.

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