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Me cants!

Posted by BobbyKatz


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What did I just watch?

Posted by smcn

Getting an AdventureQuest vibe from this.

Posted by Khessed

That battle system looks rad!

Wonder if they're thinking of doing a smartphone release.

Posted by bucifer


Posted by PimblyCharles

I bet Phil Fish could explain this...

It's certainly unique, energetic and quite trippy

Posted by sravankb

@sfarabi said:

What did I just watch?

The one trailer to rule them all. Seriously, this is fantastic.

OT: Laughed at that one dude "About time!" when he got healed. What an asshole.

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A turnbased RPG with an active Gitaroo Man-esque battle mechanic. Also features some comedic elements that probably satirize Final Fantasy. There, not that difficults to explains.

Posted by adoggz

I can explain it. Its a video showing off a bad videogame with bad jokes in it. SUCK IT KLEPTOK!

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The characters' faces really bug the shit out of me, but other than that:

Posted by HammondofTexas


Posted by PsychoPenguin

It looks like an rpg that takes the Super Mario RPG-style battle system where you can time button presses during attacks to the next level by making you swipe in a certain pattern.

Posted by InternetDetective

love the fake anime art style plus strangeness. good job everybody, give yourselfs a raise.

Posted by GrantHeaslip

Is the second-rate Flash game aesthetic an intentional goof? If so, I guess I can appreciate how on-the-nose it is, but ironically bad art is still bad art. Even the interface is an eyesore.

I mean, I'm sure this is made by a small indie team with a lot of heart and the gameplay might be interesting, but I can't imagine actually playing that. The "it's so crazy" angle is also a huge turn-off for me.

P.S. Typo in the headline?

Posted by Yummylee

Oh hey, this is from the guys (including @i_smell I believe) that done No Time to Explain. And yup, this seems pretty much in-line with the sort of insanity I'd expect from them.

Posted by DS23
Posted by PattyCakes
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@yummylee said:

Oh hey, this is from the guys (including @i_smell I believe) that done No Time to Explain. And yup, this seems pretty much in-line with the sort of insanity I'd expect from them.

alright, this statement alone, fuck watching that trailer, im in.

Posted by Indignate

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Posted by Meepasaurus

Got a real Soda-Drinker-Pro-guy's-side-project vibe from this...

Posted by IanYarborough

When I realized it wasn't a Square/Enix game, I became a lot more interested. Even so, neat little trailer.

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Who knows, maybe it'll be good.

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I feel like EPIC!!! gives it away.

Posted by The_Vein

This is videogames.

Posted by Sergotron

So there is this teenager with a forget past, and the planet Gaia and... Nevermind.

Posted by SpaceCouncil

I have 3 words to explain the trailer. I'm buying this.

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The art style reminds me of something incredibly specific but I can't for the life of me put my finger on what it is.

Edit: It might be Serious Sam: Double D that I'm thinking of but still not quite sure

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Frog Fractions 2.

Posted by Shtinky

South Park did it better.

Posted by Phoenix654

I... I don't... What the fuck are they doing Gangam style for?! Is this a dream?! WHO AM I?!?!?!

Posted by White

@hammondoftexas said:


This is the new fall back to explain the unexplained.

"Where do babies come from?" -> "Frog Fractions, dear"

"Is there life outside of Earth?" -> "Frog Fractions."

Posted by vhold
Posted by Shaanyboi


Posted by bybeach

Great monsters

Posted by Bartz

Wow that trailer is the product of all the neckbeard 4chan asperger's basement-dwelling freaks.

Posted by 71Ranchero


Posted by PurplePartyRobot

Don't know why, but something about the "Most original RPG of the year!" quote from the guy who produced Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within made me laugh a bit.

Posted by AlpineHermit

@euandewar: it looks super similar graphically to weapon of choice.. maybe you were thinking of that?

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tinyBuild Games developed No Time to Explain and published SpeedRunners, if that puts this into any form of context.

Posted by EuanDewar
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It's a game with a unique battle system that uses mouse gestures to attack or block. They're probably going to have a trailer for a mobile version.

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That was beautiful.

Posted by HerbieBug


Posted by MrSlapHappy

Uh? If Williams Street wanted to make a parody of Final Fantasy?

Posted by Spitznock

Strangest thing about this trailer is the choice of quote (or more specifically, the individual chosen to provide said quote) at the end.

Posted by ripelivejam


Posted by der_dreh


Posted by Seeric

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Yep, it looks like it's this except with little quick time event minigames tied to way more stuff and with more interesting and challenging ones at that.

Posted by Sledgehammering

I'm still waiting for 'Fire Fighter Fighters' from Iron Galaxy.

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