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Posted by grugvoth

one of the biggest suprises

Posted by dbz1995
@RelentlessKnight said:
" dsfafds "
This here is genius input.
 Still, Kid Icarus! People shall be pleased.
Posted by RelentlessKnight
@dbz1995 said:
" @RelentlessKnight said:
" dsfafds "
This here is genius input.   Still, Kid Icarus! People shall be pleased. "
You Like that?
Posted by Blueman

Finally! Nintendo really brought their A-Game this year.

Posted by TheCreamFilling

I thought this would never happen.

Posted by TRAYNREK

Dude, Kid Icarus?

Posted by Shadow

So...it's Star Fox Assault again, huh?

Posted by Miningguyx360

damn that looks amazing, even if it was a wii game i would be all like THATS FUCKING AMAZIN' but its a 3DS game so im all mind blown on the wall behind me

Posted by circle_of_iron

Hell yes.

Posted by JediAutobot

KID ICARUS!  K-I-D I-C-A-R-U-S !-!-!

Posted by Dark_Schala

Definitely one of the biggest surprises. I never thought Project Sora would've had anything to do with Kid Icarus!
Posted by RE_Player1

I hope thats not the graphics... they kind of look meh

Posted by destruktive

I am pleased.

Posted by skrutop

Oh dear God, I hope that VO isn't too prevalent in the game.  HORRIBLE.
Otherwise, looks cool.

Posted by OllyOxenFree
@RE_Player92 said:
" I hope thats not the graphics... they kind of look meh "
On a portable they look amazing, foo'
Can't wait.
Posted by falco_eagle
@RE_Player92 said:

" I hope thats not the graphics... they kind of look meh "

 I think it looks great for a DS game.
Posted by Yzzerdd

Too anime too late.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

"'Argh, why does the Queen of Darkness have to be so hot?!', I say as I pierce her heart with my arrow. " 
A line from my new Kid Icarus fan-fiction that I am writing. Stay tuned!

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Nintendo looks like they have got it going on this E3.  Another title that I look forward to in their line up. Although not too into the voice acting.

Posted by Reff888


Posted by k_dash
it's E3 the graphics always look "meh"
Posted by Krendol

Is it just me or does that look really grainy?

Posted by Subach

I was never fond of the original Kid Icarus, and I'm still amazed by this footage and the idea that a new Kid Icarus game is freakin' real.

Posted by k_dash

Posted by El_Derrico

Doesn't look like much of a graphical upgrade.

Posted by Catolf

Dude... Kid Icarus....
not fond of the VA for him tho.. maybe it would grow on me..
Also.. is that C.C. voice for the goddess?

Posted by mrcraggle

As I was watching this I kind of forgot I was looking at a game for a handheld. Really impressive stuff and only going to get better as devs get more time with the hardware. 

Posted by Snail

Those are DS graphics? I think I've seen Wii titles that look worse than that!

Posted by ooofafa

this looks pretty damn good. graphics look up to psp standards

Posted by mindatlarge

Looks like first party shovelware. :*-(

Posted by CrazedJoker

I'm sorry... Is this on the Nintendo 64? Gamecube? It looks horrible.

Posted by thorkildsen
@CrazedJoker:you are way off, it's on 3DS, not on console
Posted by CaptainFish

Bummer I thought it was a wii game.

Posted by sfighter21

Wow.  DS graphics seem to go all out for this title.  I thought this was a Wii game at first at thought it was the ugliest thing I saw.  I'm more impressed when I see that it is a DS game...

Posted by themartyr

i like.

Posted by xync4

haha & I was thinking "man this looks pretty bad for a wii game" 
but its on 3ds? interesting

Posted by CrazedJoker

Handheld or not, it looks horrid.

Posted by Coleslaw893
@mrcraggle said:
" As I was watching this I kind of forgot I was looking at a game for a handheld.  "
Same here. Impressive stuff.
Posted by Bollard

Sooo good for a DS game.

Posted by Dopey2400

yeah I thought it was a bad Wii game at first, perhaps the 3DS may prove worthy after all.

Posted by Aaron_G

Yes, its about time Nintendo!

Posted by masterherocard

Looks great. Graphics seem nice for a portable. Gameplay seems a bit like starfox to me, but it could be better (though, starfox is a good thing to be compared to.)

Only concern of mine is the voice acting.

Posted by Seeric

Well, I'm glad to see that Pit finally got another game and the game itself looks pretty good overall (although from all the 'snarky' comments Pit makes I'm a bit worried that Nintendo is trying to essentially turn him into their version of Sonic personality-wise). 
The only thing I'm disappointed in is that it looks like an entirely different game from the original Kid Icarus (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's sort of like if Nintendo had given us Metroid Prime without Fusion and Zero Mission, so it would be nice if it turns out to at least have a few segments similar to the older games).

Posted by MeatSim

I don't care about 3D or handheld games but this looks pretty cool

Posted by Norusdog

y'know...I loved Kid Icarus....and I was one that wanted a new one.....
however...color me fucking depressed..that looks like shit...save a very few spots it looks more like an N64 game....and terrible at that.
eh whatever

Posted by ghostNPC

Kid Icarus = Sin and Punishment? Awesome.

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I'm happy to see this trailer, if only to stop people continually asking for it.
EDIT: Okay, that did impress me. And that music was bitchin'.

Posted by Odinez

"Sorry to keep you waiting."
Just when people have gotten comfortable making jokes about Kid Icarus announcements...

Posted by KingBroly

What's with the base jumping in these Nintendo titles today?

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