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Posted by MildMolasses

"Achieved with Cryengine"

I will never buy a cryengine game because of that tagline

Posted by joshwent

Tech Demo?! Sometimes I wish there was some more info instead of just posting trailers, like in the ol' Whiskey days.

Can anyone point me to what he's talking about?

(also, this game could be amazing)

Posted by Aviar

This looks pretty good, and I think I saw it's coming to consoles as well but it really looks like it would play better on the PC.

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Posted by HatKing

I was really hoping that the reveal at the end was that the dude on the horse is dead. And as his limp body slowly tumbles off the stallion's broad shoulders, the audience begins to realize this isn't just another fantasy RPG. Then the words "PREPARE FOR A DIFFERENT KIND OF RPG" slowly fade in as the horse neighs and the camera zooms in on it bucking wildly.


You are the horse.

Posted by HisHeroIsGone

Don't know what to think.

If it's some good old MOUNTAIN BLADE Warband with a high budget and shit sign me up.

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@hatking said:


You are the horse.

"Your rein begins..."

@patrickklepek: Thanks! I'll just post it here for anyone interested. (there are subtitles in English)

Man. Those trees and that water... looks like a world you could have a great time just staring at.

Also, like I said in the other thread about this, I really hope you can roll a female warrior and have to deal with all of the weird political and social implications that would have.


Posted by HatKing
Posted by falling_fast

this sounds incredible and i am super hyped already

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@hatking: You sir, are a genius. Imagine playing Shadow of the Colossus as Argo, helping the guy jump on, climb and slay the Colossi! That would be great!

Posted by EpsilonSE

I'm curious as to what they mean by "realistic". Actual Medieval combat was only partly about hitting people with swords. A lot came down to working as a group, and a little bit of martial arts (mainly take-downs). I suspect they mean something along the line of Chivalry or something. The idea of using a very realistic feudal setting for an RPG is not a bad idea at all. Man-at-arms civilians could be controlled by waring kingdoms, if you captured knights or lords of higher status, they would be ransomed off for gold, tribute, and respect. Allowing you to get more equipment, train better, and be affiliated into more powerful groups or clans. It is conceivable that you could shoot up the ranks if you defeated someone powerful like a king. The English used a bit of this tactic at Agincourt when King Henry V battled with his men at the center of the line, while the french cavalry charged front and center to get at him, helping them to be trampled and sunk in the mud while being attacked by the English longbowmen and infantry flanks.

Posted by Smorlock
Posted by HatKing

@choi: On a totally serious note, I would absolutely play an RPG or adventure game where you controlled the hero's horse exclusively.

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Posted by Travan

If this could actually be the big budget realization of Darklands, that would be swell.

Posted by MeatSim

I don't think that anything was achieved yet.

Posted by Wilshere

Zero hype until there is gameplay footage. I better see a squire holding my equipment.

Posted by EastboundSpider


Get ready to die of disease and infections before you even touch a sword.

Have fun!

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I would like to start a petition for Dave to visit and quick look this when it comes out. I don't think an accurate medieval RPG quick look would be the same without him.

Posted by Sydlanel

Wow, looks dumb, and not only because of the absolutely generic quotes and overall rather bland style.

no, at least not until i see some gameplay, and something more interesting than : YOU WILL BE HERO, BECAUSE YOUR DESTINY IS YOURS, AND REASONS!

Posted by cruxking

Don't know what to think.

If it's some good old MOUNTAIN BLADE Warband with a high budget and shit sign me up.

totally agree.

Posted by NoelVeiga

"Achieved with Cryengine"

I will never buy a cryengine game because of that tagline

Man, that's a silly thing to say, even more so to do.

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Surprise Twist: You're corpse #27.

Posted by DJJoeJoe
Posted by Subjugation

Congratulations on a trailer that doesn't show anything. From a marketing standpoint this was a total waste.

Posted by armaan8014

" More info coming soon"

BOOM. Dramatic

Posted by Tarsier

wtf were those noises lol i think whoever was editing the sound for the trailer thought there was something else happening on screen?

Posted by RyanJHempel



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