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God damn it, Brad.

Posted by Swick
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Posted by Seb

I should really finish up getting all the stars in Kingdom Rush before this comes out.

Posted by Andzx

Kingdom Rush is amazing, its the first game i've gotten on iOS that feels like a real game!

Posted by Brad

@seb said:

I should really finish up getting all the stars in Kingdom Rush before this comes out.

I'm at 91/95. The elite challenges on those new levels are HARD.

Posted by wibby

Brad! the GF is still playing the first!

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Brad damn it, God

Posted by Winternet
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Does anyone know anything about a release date?

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How did ryan let this video get on the site?

Posted by Cincaid

@brad: Please write a guide for Kingdom Rush on the site Brad, I suck at it. :(

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As someone who beat the "main missions" on Kingdom Rush but only beat a few challenges, I'm sure this one will piss me off just as much.

Posted by PurpleMoustache

@brad: Guess what? Kingdom Rush has been Greenlit. Its coming to Steam!

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Brad, you can't get fake a cold again this time.

Posted by ahgunsillyo

The way Brad talked about Kingdom Rush on the podcast, he sounded kind of like he was in some sort of abusive relationship in which he didn't actually genuinely like the game (I might be mistaken, but I remember Brad actually saying that he hated the game during the first couple times it was brought up in the podcast, and despite his penchant for hyperbole, that's still a pretty strong sentiment) so much as he just couldn't stop playing it for some reason, perhaps out of some vengeful spite for it not registering his initial victory over the final level.

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I knew you'd be the one to post this Brad. :P

Posted by TheStimpinator

Dope! Kingdom rush may be the most painfully addicting game on my phone.

Posted by redefaulted

I'm excited. Kingdom Rush was a fantastic game on the iPhone. I can't say that trailer does anything for me, though. Sorry developers, but you have to a little better than scrolling art for my to get "hyped" for you game that I know nothing about. How about at least some text that emphasizes some of your changes?

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Give me more kingdom rush. I wants it. I needs it.

Posted by sikapwach

Haven't had a game on my iPad that has replaced Kingdom Rush as a go to on the elliptical machine since I beat it. Definitely looking forward to this just hope they don't go whole hog F2P.

Posted by RaySpencer

Good job posting a new video 3 minutes after an awesome interview with Ken! So now this has top spot on your video page, haha.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

I hope this will be on android devices too :/

Posted by Griffinmills

Awesome game, one of those rare kinds I play even after beating every level, achievement and challenge.

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Posted by bombedyermom
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Posted by CrashTanuki

Maybe if it were available on Android, I'd give it a shot.

Posted by Wilshere


Posted by Minsky

I want the old esports-obsessed Brad back.

Posted by DonPixel

fuck yeah!

Posted by PresidentOfJellybeans
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God damn it, Brad! Who gives a fuck about Tower Defense?

Posted by mrangryface

Its ok Brad, all my friends hate tower defense too :(

Oh wait, Vinny's cool with it- you're good. I've still go no one though. I'll continue liking these games in secret.

Posted by Azurath

Do quik loook pls.

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I remember the days of GiantBomb when no one liked anything IOS. Times have seriously changed.

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Brad, have you talked to someone about your addiction yet? We all love you and can help you get through this rough time in your life.

Posted by wenis

Thank you for the heads up Brad... Keep feeding that addiction, it's alright.

Posted by CharAznable

Team Brad. Team Kingdom Rush.

Posted by Abendlaender

and at least one of us is VERY excited about it.

Is it Jeff?

Posted by Aaron_G

I am excited with you Brad.

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It's a cool flash game.

It's a cool game.

But it's a flash game.

Keep it easy...

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Steam greenlit!

Posted by BLipp18

Maybe if it were available on Android, I'd give it a shot.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

I'm with B-rad. I like this game a whole big bunch.

Posted by Relshak

Brad, please trick Jeff into sitting in on the quick look of this one.

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