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Posted by norton123

Looks pretty cool i guess.

Posted by Charleslegrand

New Lord of the Rings? ^^

Posted by Computerplayer1

If only these games were as bad ass as their trailers make them out to be...

Posted by Dane

Awesome! Looks just like the other KoF games for the old Xbox. Except better. It kinda seems like End War got their idea from these games, but thats just me.

Posted by Babble

If that really is in game they should use this engine for a Lord of the Rings game...

Posted by Joey2683

(Sigh) you know it's that same old fantasy dark age hero with corn rows....

Posted by tineyoghurt

Looks awesome. 

Posted by zityz

looks good. here hoping its NOTHING like the other KoF games, and that it actually is fun like the trailer shows.

Posted by Kraznor

Looks pretty derivative of Dynasty Warriors/Drakengard but with potentially deeper combat. Could be okay.

Posted by DrewBruschi

man this looks way awesome for a KUF game i can't wait

Posted by HiroSeven

I agree with Kraznor. Drakengard i & ii were some of my favorite games of this controversial genre of games.

I didn't like the first KUF that much (mind you I only played the demo), but this seems pretty sweet.


Posted by trav3ler

I think I just came a little.

Definitely getting this.
Posted by Mark1212

dis sh!t is awesome